SuperStar Faizu, originally known as Mohamed Faizan Ahmed, is keen to collaborate with new-age actors and content creators.

Social media platforms have recently gained tremendous popularity because they are versatile and efficient. Different platforms have different features to offer that has helped many young and creative professionals mint good money through their content creation skills. Mohamed Faizan Ahmed, also known by the name SuperStar Faizu on the internet, came into the spotlight after his videos went viral over short-format video apps TikTok and Faizu is an aspiring actor who has worked in several short films and ads and has been associated with many brand collaborations.

The 22-year-old actor began his career as a YouTuber, after which he learned acting and dancing. Since his teenage, SuperStar Faizu has been expressive, which has made it easy for him to face the camera. On top of it, he considers social media a crucial aspect that helped him gain confidence as an actor. As he continues to improve his acting skills, the young lad is simultaneously hosting shows and events in Telangana, Hyderabad, and other parts of the country.

Based in the small town of Kaurampeet in Telangana, SuperStar Faizu always has had his big dream to work in films. While his ultimate dream is to debut in a Bollywood film, the talented actor has a different approach to pursuing his goals. 

In this era of social media, where people are highly influenced by internet stars, Faizu wants to collaborate with new creative professionals. “There are various actors and content creators who are consistently breaking barriers by showcasing their talent on social media platforms. I intend to collaborate with talents with whom I can learn and prosper my career”, he said.

On the other hand, SuperStar Faizu is smitten by the ever-growing popularity of OTT platforms in India. As many trained actors are getting much-deserved recognition, SuperStar Faizu wants to work in digital shows first and then get into films. Taking baby steps towards his acting career, Mohamed Faizan Ahmed is hopeful of mastering himself as a content creator and an actor.

He has expressed his desire to work in music videos, web series, and feature films in the past. As he plans to bring synergy with other social media stars, we look forward to how SuperStar Faizu excels as an actor. While TikTok was functioning in India, the actor had created havoc on the social media platform with his videos breaking the internet.

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