RAS Media works as a stepping stone towards building your bright future as a casting and production house. We’ve been servicing our dearest clients since 2017, and we’re a Delhi-based company. RAS Media is a big and hardworking family, with its ten branches spread all over India to promote junior and senior models. We are currently available and running in Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, Surat, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Indore. The in-house production deals with TV Commercials, documentaries, short movies, baby photo shoots, fashion photography, feature films and music albums with the most extraordinary associations.

  • We’re a well-established boutique agency that dedicates the time to enhancing and uplifting our motivated customers.
  • We empower our client’s potential to the fullest and commit to using our skills to represent them in their best light which makes them stand out. 



We put forward the best professional portfolio shoot by our talented and highly experienced crew. Our job is to groom, capture, direct and endorse aspiring models. We are well aware that a fantastic portfolio and a reliable agency are necessary for the success of a model, apart from its focused approach and hard work. In the case of aspiring models, we provide them with grooming sessions and teach them about how to pose and how to give expressions and body movements for still portfolios. Once they are ready, we will organize the portfolio shoot. We are backed by professional makeup artists, and skilled hairstylists, fashion stylists and all of them are committed to providing you with the best portfolio shoot sessions.


This is the first step towards building your career in modelling for junior as well as senior models. We bring in talented and trending brands to collaborate with our clients to enhance their profiles. Our models get selected on the basis of their face value and get a chance to work with famous E-Commerce websites. We, at RAS, ensure that our clients work with premium brands and get the best experience out of it that helps in building their future. 


A baby photoshoot is extremely trendy nowadays, not only from a career perspective but as a happy memory of your child. We at RAS provide you with well-established websites and brands for your child’s photoshoot, which fully live up to parents’ expectations. 


RAS Media is one of the greatest filmmaking companies creating magic for various platforms. From brainstorming to the final edit, RAS Media provide productions and post-production services such as conceptualizing, scriptwriting, recording, casting, directions, shooting and editing.


At RAS Media, we excel at music production. We help brands find their voice and convey their story and message through our music. Our skilled personnel produces and composes music for advertising, broadcast branding and interactive worlds.


At RAS Media, we are a group of professional and committed photographers who work towards providing high-quality images so that you can cherish these memories forever. 

 We make sure to deliver two kinds of photographs for your big day, candid as well as posed. We offer high-quality pre-wedding and wedding shoot services. 


RAS Media has a great vision regarding T.V. commercials. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the demographics associated with T.V. channels in order to use this rich experience for our client’s benefit. 


RAS Media is one of the trusted and prominent documentary filmmaking companies in India. We have made several classic series for different organizations to change their clients’ perceptions and look at them differently. Our expert Documentary filmmakers focus on presenting the subjects in a new light through modern technology and making different series as per your demand. 


At RAS Media, we specialize in product shoots and incorporate various print advertisements, enhancing the ad’s visual appeal to treat viewers. We make sure to use premium image quality for the display of your products. This ensures that your customers can enjoy a real shopping experience. Before proceeding, you should keep in mind that these high-quality images can contribute a lot to helping you stay ahead of your competitors.


RAS Media is one of the leading casting agencies in Delhi. We make sure to take proper care of all the pre-production services. We take responsibility for choosing actors, singers, and dancers based on your production storyline or script.

 Our experts take proper care of grooming and training the cast about industries’ insight before providing them with the work. We make sure to test the skills, knowledge, and talent before offering them the work. No matter how many effects you apply, it can be a major drawback for the entire script if you do not have the right cast. Therefore, you can always choose us over the others to get the best of all services.


Website ID : www.rasmedia.in   

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