IIT GOA’s Annual Fest Cultrang 2022 Concluded on High Note with Dr Pooja Borele as the Chief Guest

IIT Goa’s annual Techno-Cultural fest “CultRang 2022” concluded with flying colours, with all the enthusiasm and fervour and a treasure trove of vibrant memories and exquisite experiences in the serene paradise of the land meet the sea— Goa. 

CultRang 2022 witnessed days of absolute euphoria and has been etched in the students’ memories as some of the best days of their life here. Honourable Dr Pooja Borele, a renowned Behaviour Analyst & Developmental Psychologist; Founder of PB Ventures, presided over as the Chief Guest of the show. She shared the delightful moments with the students as well as the management of the IIT Goa. Dr Munish Jindal, Founder of Mentorx and CEO of HoverRobotix, was also invited as the Chief Guest of the show. He shared his deep insights on how the futuristic vision could only be shaped based on our country’s culture and heritage, leading towards a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. Dr Sangeeta, National President Mentorx, was the guest of honour at this prestigious show. 

IIT Goa is already a much sought-after institution for engineering students and a melting-pot of ideas. While students at IIT Goa strive to achieve excellence in academic endeavours, they are touched and influenced by the rich and unique culture of Goa, precisely what they celebrate through the Cultural fest of IIT Goa, CultRang. 

Cultural is a celebration of the massive diversity that characterises our country. It aims at instilling a sense of collective engagement by encouraging participation from several institutes all across the country. It consisted of exciting events, competitions and workshops featuring experts in related fields, focusing on domains of performing arts that recognise the role of various cultures in our everyday indulgences.

The Chief Guest, Dr Pooja Borele, is one of the most influential and most powerful women in the international corporate arena. She is an outstanding artistic Entrepreneur as well as a dedicated academician. Dr Borele is an incredible maestro, donning a multitude of roles being the Founder of PB Ventures, and she fulfils them with all grace, perfection and honour. She is a practising Behaviour Analyst and a Developmental Psychologist. Suffice to say, Dr Pooja Borele is born to express as well as she aspires to inspire.

Along with her, another eminent personality Dr Munish Jindal presided over at CultRang IIT Goa as Chief Guest. 

Dr Munish Jindal, the Founder & CEO of HoverRobotix, launched the concept of Hoverboards, Autobots & Mobility Robots in India. Being the Founding President of MENTORx Global, he initiated the ideas of “Education, Empower, Elevate”, currently operational in 65 countries. He is awarded and honoured with the highest civilian honour, “Karmaveer Chakra,” by United Nations – iCongo. He believes in making others rise. 

CultRang IIT Goa promoted a vibrant and eclectic campus experience through organising innumerable multifarious activities pertaining to the cultural events, bringing people from all walks, interests, and ethnicity come together in ways to stimulate community interaction with participation from several institutes all across the country.

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