Let us know about S. S. Travels which is the oldest self car rental service in India.

S.S. Travels

The travel industry is one of the most developing industries, estimated to generate a significant part of a country’s net worth. Transport services are as essential as the establishment of specific commercial industries. Transport services are a necessity these days and travel services are perhaps the best business options currently. The industry is quite extensive, and thanks to high demand, all the services with promising recognition in the market are making a lot of dollars. 

About S.S. Travels

The oldest self car rental service in India, S.S. Travels, was established in 1991. The company has its branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kutch, Goa, and many more. The company focuses on expanding its services across the globe and is working hard on it. 

The company has suitable options for you according to your needs, and the services are available at relatively affordable rates.

S.S. Travels offers you an advanced booking platform with 24/7 management support, takes care of the city-wise tariff system, dedicated customer guidance and support, best deals for insurance and maintenance purposes, and will also guide you on the process of procuring bulk cars.

Why are self car rental services important?

Taking a cab or taxi is very common, but thinking of someone peeking at you while you talk with your friend in the taxi, the thought itself is revolting. 

You will lack privacy when you go in a taxi or cab. Definitely, you and your friends and family won’t be the only ones in the taxi. There will be an unknown person who will be listening to all your conversations will be laughing and reacting over all your talks. It’s as uncomfortable like that. When you self-rent a car, you will have your privacy and won’t be worrying about anyone else overhearing your discussions with your friends and family.

When you rent a car yourself, you don’t have to worry about leaving early or halting in the middle of the trip. You are going to be free of any tensions and can adjust your schedule accordingly, and a sudden change in your schedule won’t matter and won’t affect your trip. You will be driving the car, so you can be relieved that it’s not someone else, and you can adjust the speed and ride at your comfort while you can take some break in the middle of the trip. Riding a taxi is difficult and risky sometimes as you don’t know the driver and sometimes, the drivers are drunk and don’t behave well.

In the case of renting prices, you don’t need to worry about the prices for a self-rental car service. It is way cheaper than a cab or taxi for the same distance. You will also be amazed to find that the prices are almost half of the expenses you usually pay for a cab or taxi. Moreover, you can also rent luxury cars like SUVs and enjoy your special days. 

So, you can see the difference between renting a cab or taxi and choosing a self-rent car service. Most importantly, the comfort you will be getting in a self-rental car service is way better than a cab or taxi as you enjoy your own space and get a perfect car according to accommodation needs. 

When you book a car with S.S. Travels, you only need a debit or credit to start. Once you book a car, you will have to show your voucher/ e-voucher, driving license, id and then finish the process of renting the car. 

The company has the best deals and packages as per your requirements and is known to be highly thoughtful and professional. Of course, all of this entirely makes S.S. Travels the best in the area and one of the trusted travel agencies across the country. S.S. Travels has its branches in different parts of the country and is planning to expand the company’s reach globally, which clearly shows the level of experience and professionalism the company has and is still growing. People have given many positive feedbacks to the company and are very happy with their service. 

Traveling is much easier when you go for a trusted company where they serve you with the best, and that’s a green flag to all your enjoyment. The company works in major cities, which itself is a sense of comfort because you can have a car rented for a day or two or more and enjoy on your own without dwelling for other sites and travel agencies. All of this will be a pleasant ride. 

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