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Generation X, is been smart to think beyond boundaries and they have broken JINX of stereo-type investments by investing in overseas market. Thailand has always been a popular destination supported by certain facts like :-  Less travel time  from India ,  Very close to Indian Culture , Value for Money tourism ,Low currency difference , easy visa process , magnificent beaches and great shopping destination. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been colonized by a European power. It is known for its beautiful nature, delicious fruits & rice products.

  Phuket and Pattaya has been more popular  destinations  for long stay   travellers from whole world and expacts working at various  industries like manufacturing , electronics, IT , agriculture, ports ,motor parts and much more. The number of tourists visiting Thailand increased from 35.35 million in 2017 to 38.28 million in 2018 and then 39.92 million in 2019. In 2020, the tourism industry contributed around 6.78 % to Thailand’s GDP.  Prior to 2020, the tourism industry accounted for 18.21% of Thailand’s GDP.

Thai Government welcomes – international buyers to invest in real estate market. As per Thai law one will enjoy 100% ownership of the property. Foreign investors are allowed to invest in Condos, Studio Units, and Apartments etc. Thailand continues to encourage investment from all countries and seeks to avoid dependence on any one country as a source of investment. The Foreign Business Act (FBA) of 1999 governs most investment activity by non-Thai nationals

Thai real Estate Developers offers very attractive- post possession payment plan, in certain projects an investor is offered rental guarantee too. Average size in demand is between 25 sqmt – 50 sqmt , pricing between 1.9 Million Thai Bhatt to 3 Million Thai Bhatt. 

Return on investment is calculated in 3 manners i.e. 1- Monthly Rental of the property, 2- Annual Appreciation, 3- Annual Currency appreciation. Hence an investor can fetch approx. 25 to 30% ROI.

V HOMES & PROPERTIES CO LTD – is a Thai real estate advisory company owned by An Indian – named – VISHAL PANDEY. We educate our investors by briefing investment policies in residential, commercial and industrial real estate at Thailand. We pave a path where in an investor can do investment safely & legally. We create a bridge between Top Thai developers and Indian Buyers by doing direct booking of exclusive Villas , Apartments’ , Sea facing condo  .Some of the Top Thai developers are :-  THE BANYAN TREE GROUP , GLOBAL TOP GROUP , SRL DEVELOPMENT , COPACABANA GROUP , RIVERA GROUP , MOUNT-AZZURE DEVELOPERS .For more information one can connect via  whatsapp no – +91-9971199266.

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