Honorary Doctorate Awarded to Dr Khairul Nizam Bin Zainal Badri by Indian Management School & Research Centre

One Occasion, As transforming a goal into achievement, vision into reality, today we take pleasure in congratulating Dr. Khairul Nizam Bin Zainal Badri, for his persistent efforts and aspirations towards completing profound research contribution in the Education Management domain and being awarded his Hon. Doctorate program.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in 1998, his career was in the field of teaching; become a lecturer at a private higher education institution. The opportunity to move up to a higher level became brighter when offered the position of program head for diploma-level studies. However, the tendency to see the atmosphere in the technology industry is so high that finally got the opportunity to get involved in the project of evaluation of broadcasting equipment. With that experience, opportunities in the technology industry became brighter when offered to serve in a well-known microelectronics organization in the country. During the 10 years of service, many useful exposures were gained, especially in the field of quality management and technology development. The year 2008 became a starting point for a career in education but this time at the school level. All the experience that has been gained in the technology industry has been poured into the field of education, especially in matters involving management in developing human capital.

Students are the next generation who become human capital in the field of education. They are the ones who are expected to continue the national development agenda without neglecting the noble values in life. Thus, throughout the period of almost 20 years of serving in education; various curriculum modules, learning measures, and guide texts have been developed with the aim of developing students’ skills that not only have an intellectual basis but also from psychomotor and affective aspects. In connection with that, dozens of articles, papers, journals, and books have been produced, some of which have been published internationally. The business of managing a study center is not an obstacle to continuing education up to the highest level. The fields of psychology and business management are the main options that are successfully completed in 2021 and 2022 since both have a close relationship in the field of teaching and learning, and institutional management. Until today, several articles and books are being published and all of them are related to the development of potential that is in the scope of education.

Indian Management School and Research Centre, in its two decades journey, has laid the foundation for the careers of hundreds of students pursuing management-related courses. We feel honored for the trust bestowed on us by the industry, and for recognizing the courses and certifications offered by our institution. Also, we assure the student fraternity about our relentless efforts to introduce new courses and offer distinguished subjects wherein professionals too can pursue doctorate programs. Wishing once again the best wishes to Dr. Khairul Nizam Bin Zainal Badri for his career endeavors and envisaging the vision to successfully award the doctorate program to students.

Indian Management School and Research Centre is an accredited partner of Skill Development Council Canada and is also registered with the United Kingdom Registrar & Accreditation System – UKRAS the United Kingdom-based global independent accreditation and certification body for the provision of distance learning management programs. In the year 2015 IMSR Institute received the most prestigious “NATIONAL EDUCATION LEADERSHIP AWARD” in recognition of sterling merit, excellent performance, and outstanding contribution to the nation & worldwide in the field of distance education for a decade. IMSR Institute has also received the prestigious “Excellence in Economic Development Award for Education Excellence” award in the year 2011. 

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