17yrs Old Aspiring Filmmaker Sharuja S expresses the struggles of Gender equality in Film Industry. 

      Do you think they just certainly enjoy their work? Obviously they do enjoy it but there are a lot of barriers which they have to overcome. Women are just the same as any other men in the world but why do women face a lot of problems in their career? Aren’t they always pulled back by people around them from chasing their dream ? Let’s talk about the cinema industry and women working in the industry. Women always had footprints in the film industry, But have consistently been underrepresented and on average significantly less well paid. On the other hand many key roles in filmmaking were for many decades done almost entirely by men, such as direction and cinematography,etc. Women did not have enough power to make demands in the film industry. 

Consequently, women have been constantly marginalized in movies. Even when they are present, women are often portrayed in circumscribed and subordinated ways in traditionally feminine roles, such as non professionals, homemakers, wives or parents, and sexual gatekeepers . Lacking a role model on the big screen is detrimental for young girls. They are discouraged from pursuing ambitions and participating actively in social affairs Therefore, female underrepresentation is a critical issue that must be addressed. Where do you think the problems are raised for women to achieve their dream? Isn’t it only at the workplace ? no rather her own home it all begins with her own home, parents friends and people around her why do people look at the entertainment industry as such a deep well ? They tend to be grown by hearing stories in the past. Those stories aren’t fact, they are just myths but unfortunately people fail to believe them . The industry had made a mistake by showing women in a weaker section ultimately which has made people don’t show interest in the entertainment industry. What could change all these things? A belief that she could pull it off . Certainly if she is boosted / encouraged to follow her dream, passion there would be more participation of women in the industry.

 Amidst all these phrases, Is she really safe in the industry? There is a lot of struggle even here she has to overcome ! have ever faced a casting couch? no certainly women do face it why do they really need a casting couch if she is really a talented one ? they are treated to be a weaker section . The chance given to women in the industry is really less when compared to men There is simply male dominance in the industry everywhere. This  just isn’t the ratio that acts as dominance but simply the chances are snatched by men there is no chance for her to prove herself in the industry there is simply no door to enter they all are just closed and locked but dominance.There is one thing entire women lack behind, Motivation . Motivating a single woman to follow her passion doesn’t make herself to confidently walk in but also other women around her just by looking at her walking bravely in the industry. However, now there is an optimistically wide change in the participation rate of women in the industry.

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