The Story of Becoming a Food Blogger – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

Undeniably, blogging has evolved from a personal diary to a more professional, major digital information source nowadays. Today, it has become a powerful tool to manage online identity and build trust regardless of the product or service it tries to promote. Similarly, the food & hospitality industry greatly appreciates and embraces this as their online promotional strategy. If cooking is an art then food blogging is a fine way to describe that art. Food blogging is a category where content should look ‘professionally’ put together and visuals must be of very ‘high standards’.

Speaking to our representative, Rajeep discusses how food blogging wasn’t always a piece of cake for him, the uncertainties he faced and how someone with no formal culinary education made it to the top food-bloggers list.

Food blogging, in the eyes of other people, was many things but to me, it was only one thing – a passion. The fact is, my blog Gourmets Travel Guide didn’t happen in a vacuum. All of those big hospitality brands that weren’t going to invite a newbie like me and traditional concepts were also very narrow to take this whole food blogging thing at beginning. 8 years later, a lot looks different. The web is an explosion of food content, and distinctions have largely eroded between big publishers, small publishers, and blogs. Competition is fierce in a crowded space; everything is glossier and many feel the barrier to entry is higher.

1. Why do you write about food?

If someone asks me why I write about food, I tell them that the most important thing we need in our life is passion for the soul. Everyone in this world has different passions; games, cooking, music, architecture, politics – you can’t live without passion. I have put my passion into enjoying food and writing about it.

Today, we all look up for restaurants, cuisine and food joints on Google or any other web search before we go out to eat. I love to post about food and hospitality of the eateries so people can have an idea about the place and what to order.

2. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourite?

There are lots of famous bloggers who achieved great things or have my admiration for their personality. But I won’t name one. I personally admire all young bloggers who enjoy food with passion, treat their fellow bloggers fairly and focus on their dream to become one of the best. Actually, I admire every blogger who radiates passion for food, new bloggers as well as the seniors.

3. What’s the most adventurous dish you’ve ever eaten?

I have no such adventurous dish, I like all ingredients and love to eat all of them. A Food Blogger must have a lot of favourite ingredients, because he/she needs to taste a wide range of dishes, which normally change frequently, as well as depending on the seasons. I adore savoring all dishes; it would not be fair to have to choose one because I enjoy eating everything.

I could say that there are different cousins and all satisfy me. Homemade food, go for Pincho, traditional local restaurants, street side asado, sophisticated Lomo embuchado, vanguard restaurants, local street food or luxury fine dining, everything has its own pleasure. All authentic places are appealing to me, whether it be a countryside pub, a chalet in the foothills or a newly opened restaurant.

4. How do you strike a balance between running a food blog and having a full-time job?

Running a Food Blog with a full-time job may sound exciting, versatile and diversified but it’s extremely exhausting. The secrets are – passion, continuity and craziness – therefore you will not find enough logic. But believe me with proper time management it will not feel like overburden.

5. What is your message for young Food Bloggers?

To the food bloggers of the world, I raise a glass to toast your impressive, enduring work. To those of you considering starting a blog, I will say, Jump in! There’s plenty of room for all of you. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your niche right away. It really takes some time to settle into a good rhythm. Make your goals very simple – enjoy food with the heart and everything you do has to be done with passion.

Rajdeep is the founder of quite a handful of food and travel websites, namely, Gourmets Travel Guide, Botol Puran, Panch Phoron India and Panch Phoron Kolkata. The websites offer varied information on different places, events, festivals and happenings, where food always meets travel. Rajdeep takes writing about food & travel to a different level with his personal touch and love for food.

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