The Innovation was a Result of Realising and Encountering the Same Issue Repeatedly

Ayuksha gave serious thought to the need to offer a one-stop shop for improving the patient experience, and her background in human resources and transformation was the icing on the cake. When she experienced being a patient herself, she became aware of the changes that could be done to the healthcare system to make it significantly better than what it is now. Since then, she had made it her mission to share it widely. For her and her staff, it was never an easy task. At Impetus Consulting Associates Pvt Ltd CK Birla was their first client after putting in a lot of effort day and night, putting together business solutions, employing marketing tools, and being persistent. She has very smart and bright people on her staff, people who are twoholding strong expertise in the HRM field and operational management.

Her determination to assemble the team from individuals she already knows or with whom she has previously collaborated motivated her to do so. Even though there was a small additional cost to cover their stability, it had a significant impact on the quality of the content they produced. Her credo throughout had been to keep company shrinkages to a minimum, strengthen process controls, and reduce any potential leakages, which had helped her get through challenging times like the pandemic. Survival requires ongoing improvement, thus her team has been working to integrate chat bots into hospital CRM support in an effort to increase the impact of automation.Additionally, they have been attempting to use artificial intelligence to gather information that will help them better understand their consumers’ behaviour. Speaking of services inevitably brings up the topic of service quality, and it so happens to be their proudest accomplishment that they haven’t lost even one client in the past two years, which serves as a testament to their commitment to quality.

Impetus Consulting Associates Pvt Ltd started out as a plain vanilla HR firm with recruitment and hiring services as its major specialties. It now has clients including Dawadost, BR healthcare (Nirbhaya), Cars24, Dealshare, Jhandewala foods, Wholesale box, etc. It gradually expanded into HR consulting and management as the company grew.For clients like Chanakya IAS Academy, Chitrangana, and InstaCash, transformation entails detecting process gaps in a business, changing rules, and locating scientific techniques to close them that support team capacity and tech scalability.Pivoted into hospital CRM management by the end of 2020, with the following solution offering.

The list of their clients consits of  well-known individuals like CK Birla Hospital, EHCC Hospital, Chirayu Hospital, Jeevan Rekha Hospital, and Rungta Hospital, and this was only made possible by having a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs, working tirelessly, and being adaptable to changes.Having an eye for detail and combining it with technological tools, among other things, has contributed to our success. She has always believed in perseverance, and her persistent service has helped us get through every challenging time. She has always been a proponent of the word-of-mouth marketing method, which has given her an edge by enabling her to reach a wider audience. She has always prioritised employee involvement and has taken the required actions to achieve it. 

Ayuksha currently has been conferred as 20 start-ups to help watch for in 2022 and her company’s future plans call for extending beyond the state it currently serves, Rajasthan, to all of India by the end of 2023.

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