Smartwatch: Top 4 Myths Busted!

If we talk about a smartwatch, there is a heated debate with regards to its value and usability. We have some arguments for and against smartwatches and their price value, that can help you decide if it is good enough for you.

If you have recently planned on investing in a smartwatch, the first thought that would have popped into your mind is your budget. The next thought that would have crossed your mind is how you can buy a smartwatch under your budget. The biggest challenge that purchasing a smartwatch poses to its customers is its cost or price. 

 Budget smartwatches can cost a lot in your pocket. So, if you are confused as to why smartwatches are so expensive, then this article will highlight some of the key aspects or reasons why smartwatches are expensive. 

  1. Smartwatch design is expensive

You can not imagine the craftsmanship and wit, watch designers have to employ or the tests a smartwatch design has to pass through, before being finalised. Right from the curved glass top, to the strap design and dial detailing, smartwatches are to be created after employing an extreme sense of excellence. Apart from the watch design, the watch features like sensors, stopwatch buttons, GPS tracker and microphone are to be integrated in such a way that these are properly accessible to the wearer or the watch user. 

  1. Smartwatches require intelligence about assembling

When you look at or admire a smartwatch android, all you get to see is a dial, glass case, watch strap and a few buttons. But is that all that makes up a smartwatch? Not, a smartwatch comprises a display, battery, CPU, PCB, GPU, RAM, Storage, Power management chip, Oximeter, Microphone and Speaker. Smartwatch manufacturing brands need to assemble all these components from different suppliers. If even a single component is not available, the smartwatch can not be prepared. Besides, it requires great skill to assemble all these components at the same time.

  1. Software development is expensive too

Now, a smartwatch for men and women is not your ordinary smartwatch, it runs over software. This software development is not an overnight job. It can take up to months and a few years for software to be developed, which requires the wit of thousands of technicians and engineers. Hence, a smartwatch is bound to be expensive. But the cost can vary for every smartwatch, depending on the value and worth of its software. 

  1. Smartwatches are luxury products

Smartwatches are ranked under the luxury segment of the products, and there is a good amount of tax levied on them, which makes them expensive. Besides, these owe you a luxury and distinguished charm and appeal. Remember, you invest in a smartwatch online because you like its charismatic appearance not because you need one. For example, a casio watch specifically from its G-Shock lineup is one of the most luxurious gadgets that you would love to invest on. 

Final Verdict
The manufacturing costs of a smartwatch is quite expensive right from the beginning till the end when they are ready to be sold. All the aspects of smartwatches being expensive have been highlighted in this discussion, to give you a clear estimate of what makes your smartwatches super expensive. 

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