One stop solution for all Economics courses: Sourav Sir’s Classes

Economics is a kind of subject that is useful, fascinating, and helps us to understand the economic changes around the world. The one institution which is the epitome of all these is Sourav Sir’s Classes. They not only provide you with classes but make you ready for all the competitive examinations whether it is government or private. They make you ready for the normal college examinations and whether at the higher level for Indian Economic Services or it is UPSC, UGC NET or it is RBI DEPR Examination. These are the frontrunners. 

Over a long period of time, this institution is providing students with online and offline classes. Way before the covid days these online sessions are famous. Now in this article, we will try to tell about their mechanism of doing. The Economics Entrance Examination comes with two segments, one in Mathematics and the other in Economics. They are not only providing you with Economics Sessions, but they are also very good in Maths. All the sessions are taken mostly by Dr. Sourav Das himself. He provides almost 24 hours of his time dedicated to the students. He is a man of his word. 

When we tried to see, we first checked online and then we went to his centres. In many of the cases, the analysis was fabulous, whether it is Delhi School of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Madras School Of Economics, Indira Gandhi Institute Of Development. This institute is the prime provider of top-notch students for these. In the last year’s Indian Statistical Institute MSQE Entrance Examination, they provided 17 people who got into the interview which is a mammoth task to do but yet they are making it happen. Otherwise when we talk about the lesser-known entrance examination of Economics like Jawaharlal Nehru Entrance Exam, Hyderabad University Entrance Exam, Jadavpur University Entrance Exam, Presidency University Entrance Exam, Presidency University Masters Degree Entrance Test they are also doing very classily. 

The study materials themselves are very comprehensive and many a time when the solutions of the past years are provided they have been helpful. Amazon and Flipkart are all world-class platforms, their books are available there.  And through their books, they are making it very much possible for the students to crack these entrance examinations. 

In recent times they also started the covid scholarship for the students, if any of the family members are affected by covid then you get all the courses for free even if not possible in any of the government organizations as well. In other cases, Sourav Sir himself is associated with many of these big-shot organizations’ online and offline classes. So hands-on experience you can also gather from him. If your career dream is to get into the premier organization in the world in the field of Economics and if you are not that strong enough, if you don’t believe, if you do not have that self-confidence, if you think that you will not be able to crack this then Sourav Sir’s Classes is the first place where you should go and get a mental boost-up. The counsellors are very much efficient over here, they talk to you they know the course. It is not like any hired people who are taking calls and making conversions. Here with respect to conversion Sourav Sir’s Classes do not have any kind of restrictions. The people here at the office work very freely and in many cases, the teachers also help the educational counsellors in order to talk for a course and this is the only institution where you get full access to Sourav Sir directly whenever he is available that makes it even more possible for you to crack the entrance examination. 

We hope for more growth of educational institutions like Sourav Sir Classes in the near future so that thousands and lakhs and crores of students get to benefit from them and are able to fulfill their dreams. 


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