One of the Few Disruptors in Indian Dairy Industry: Kalyya Farms

In February 2019, Kamal Khubchandani founded Kalyya Farms, which now has its own farm on the outskirts of Ahmedabad with about 100 cows. 

It all began when Kamal understood the gaps in the Indian dairy industry. He knew that there are so many  families who are health conscious and they are looking for good quality milk and other dairy products. When he started, he only had one goal: To revolutionize the dairy industry with quality products and top notch service. 

He says “2 out of 3 Indians drink milk that is adulterated as per survey conducted by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). At this rate, our next generation wouldn’t know what pure milk tastes like. We all need to be more conscious about the quality of dairy products that we are consuming on a daily basis”

Today, Milk is a staple drink in most cultures around the world. As there is more awareness and health consciousness going around, an A2 Milk variety with A2 Beta-Casein has caught the attention of emerging upper middle class families. The A2 milk provides a broad selection of health benefits beyond its digestible qualities.

However, soon after the country was going through the pandemic, Indians started to become more conscious and aware about their immunity. As a result, they have started consuming products that they believe will improve their health. 

There has been growing interest in A2 milk globally ever since. 

But in order to realize the benefits of A2 milk, you need to consistently consume it for at least 60 days. After 60 days, when you do a lipid profile test, you will see elevated calcium levels by at least 20-30%, iron escalation by 30-40%, as well as, increased HDL and HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio. This will enhance your overall immunity.

What’s Your Take Milk Delivery Service in India? 

Well, to be honest. The milk delivery services in India are too transactional. Here at Kalyya Farms, we want to genuinely connect with our clients on a personal level and be a part of their health transformation. According to me, that’s the best way to have great client retention in this industry. Clients need someone who can listen to their feedback and give a better and prompt service. 

According to RedSeer Consulting, online milk delivery has an addressable market worth of $1.2 billion. A RedSeer report last year pegged the overall Indian dairy market at about $95 billion, of which $15 billion comes from the top six metros. The report added a large portion of target customers buying online dairy products in the top metros falls in the more than ₹10 lakh per annum income bracket.

Built on the strong Legacy and Foundation laid by Khubchandani group, Kalyya farm’s number one focus is to bring the purest and healthiest dairy products right at consumer’s doorsteps and while doing so having impeccable customer service.   

Kalyya A2 milk has a lot of benefits: 

1) It is safe for Lactose Intolerant too

2) It’s protein rich and advised by top health experts (even Baba Ramdev suggests drinking A2 milk) 

3) Helps build strong bones, reduces cholesterol levels, improves heart’s functioning and reduces joint pains. 

4) 100% pure farm fresh delivered to your doorstep

Most consumers opt in for Kalyya Milk products are health conscious individuals or parents who want their new-born babies and/or kids to consume healthy dairy products. 

Looking Ahead

Although, generally speaking, the dairy industry is a highly competitive market, Kamal has high hopes for his brand in 2022. “This year is exciting because it’s the year our brand will become a household name,” he says. He is intent on educating Indian consumers about the many virtues of A2 milk, ghee and paneer through online advertising channels. In terms of financials for 2022, he is looking to raise more money and, “in a perfect world, we’d double our revenue.”

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