Md Hyder, A Marketer by Profession on an Entrepreneurial Journey

Md Hyder is an entrepreneur and one of India’s top digital & social media Marketing Experts. He Helps brands & startups grow Digitally.

The Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing.” — Tom Fishburne

Elegant marketers recognize that raising access to information brings an unprecedented rate. To be fortunate, we must find the best-allowed way to grab your customers with the conclusive goal of making your identity to the destination.

Digital technology has developed the way we live. From virtual working to online shopping apps and social media. Businesses are taking dominance of this move to achieve a new extent of prosperity. Digitalization means achieving more developed, expandable, and profitable strategies for ultimate users.

Many organisations are also ineffective in leveraging unique hi-tech. They look great on a variety of screen sizes optimised by the ads. As a result of the locality-based technology built into smartphones, communication can target peculiar groups of mobile device users situated on location, behaviour, and more. Mobile phone advertising allows organisations to stick out the proper buff with content and promotions.

Hi, I’m Md Hyder, A Marketer by Profession on an Entrepreneurial Journey. I am desirous of digital marketing and always keep exploring this subject. I’m dedicated and determined about the effort. I’ve Been in technology since I was very young; since childhood, I was always curious about how a Business works. However, it wasn’t until I Joined “Web Trainings Academy” in 2018 that I truly fell in love with marketing.

I started working as an Intern & one of my Early Successes in the Digital World as I was able to Generate 3 Million+ Monthly views from Social Media within a Year for a Fashion Blog. Then, I was promoted to Marketing Executive and Now as a Marketing Manager. Since then, I have been a marketing consultant to 5 startups & the count Continues, helping startups by Generating More Leads and increasing sales. In the past 3 years, I have worked & served over 50+ clients from India, the US, Canada, the United Kingdom & etc., in Education, Health, Automobiles, Travel & many other Industries. 

The Key point I always Followed is to Work on attracting users rather than interfering. I never thought of teaching, but now, It has become an Obsession for sharing the Skills With others. I am also a Part-Time Trainer at Web Trainings Academy; from where it all started & trained over 700+ Students to get Kick Start their Career in Digital Marketing. 


● Search Engine optimization 

● Google Ads 

● Social media Marketing & Optimization.

● Inbound Marketing

● Email Marketing

● Social Media Ads

● Affiliate Marketing

● Youtube Monetization

These are my areas of expertise and skills in the Digital Marketing world.

Wouldn’t it be great if every small business knew how to use technology in its easy way and grow its business multiforms?

Yeah! It would be super right.

So my place of work is to help Brands & Startups To Grow Digitally.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to know the correct strategies to grow digitally, you are in the right place. Now, the question arises of how to use digital media in the right way to bring value and credibility to your business. Regarding the point of technology, which has brought many businesses close and helped them sell more and expand more virtually. I promote Digital Growth Strategies and the various ways it has helped many businesses to grow digitally and economically in a brilliant way. Before unleashing the power of digital media to enrich your business, take your free time, and decide what you want to attain by being present digitally, your target audience, and which social media platform they are mostly using now and further.

Digital marketing is about expanding your brand awareness, generating people’s concern for your brand, and reassuring audiences to undertake and promote your product or service.

Online growth is also about keeping people close to your brand and making them your customer, which is my principal goal.

A big organisation, either a small business or a company using any digital media, is growing faster. It takes a full skill set of strategies to leave an impact on your potential customer and make them buy what you are selling.

I cover all the steps you can implement to grow digitally and make your business stand out among your challengers.

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