IIM Calcutta graduate creates a one-stop destination for all Pregnancy needs

Pregnancy is an exciting but hectic time in a woman’s life and no matter if it is said out loud or not, all mothers in silence search for answers to the myriad of questions that pop up in their heads on this new journey. They are always on the lookout for the best pieces of pregnancy advice, tips, recommendations, Dos and Don’ts, and whatnot. 

In this search for authentic and trustworthy information many a time it gets too late to act upon the complications and problems that women face during pregnancy resulting in untoward incidents. According to a WHO report, nearly 289,000 women lose their lives due to pregnancy and birth-related complications and it is the number one cause of death among women only because there is a lack of awareness and availability of antenatal care. Furthermore, many women also tend to believe based on the previous positive pregnancy outcomes for which women did not access care, that initiating antenatal care early on in their pregnancy is not essential at all. Bridging this gap in knowledge, awareness, and availability of resources became the aim of Dr. Farhan Hayat; the co-founder of Pregamate

Having seen and gone through the challenges in the maternal health facility sector, Dr. Farhan who is a management graduate from IIM Calcutta made it his purpose in life to help as many women as possible in their journey of motherhood. He came up with the idea of a one-stop destination for all the pregnancy-related assistance that a woman needs during these 9 months and beyond. He started working on this budding idea in the year 2021 and in the year 2022 Pregamate came into existence. Having conducted 500+ sessions, helped 1000+ mothers in their pregnancy journey, and answered 10000+ questions of all the curious mothers out there, this platform is acting as a support provider for all mothers-to-be! 

Dr. Farhan says, “The biggest roadblock that I faced on this journey was the lack of awareness among people about the importance of antenatal care and the much-needed attitudinal shifts in people with regard to investing in a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby”. 

Pregnant women often place a low value on early antenatal care because they perceive it to be a normal health condition that doesn’t require seeking healthcare and go on to believe that it can be easily dealt with, based on the hearsay that has been handed down through generations. But what they fail to understand is that with changing times, the needs of the body of a pregnant woman also change especially in an era where there’s increased exposure to pollution, infections, epidemics, and genetically modified viruses. But Dr. Farhan is very thankful for the age of social media where celebrity moms have brought the importance of antenatal care a notch up. Because of this, a certain level of awareness has started to come among women coming from a myriad of backgrounds. Another challenge along the way was to provide a kind of niche for women where they can get all the pregnancy-related assistance at one place and yet at the same time be cost-effective and the funding received in the seed round has been used to execute the same. 

This platform offers tailor-made services to suit every mother’s needs like health and nutrition wherein dietitians constantly work on diet plans for an active lifestyle. The platform also offers daily live yoga sessions for a fitter and healthier pregnancy. It also offers other services like garbh sanskar, lactation counseling for better breastfeeding habits, and tackling all the challenges that a mother goes through. Online pregnancy and psychology consultations are yet another segment of services offered on this platform to solve your worries and make your stress go away so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy this journey. Pregamate has healthcare professionals and industry experts with more than 10+ years of experience to choose from who will stay with you throughout this rollercoaster ride.

The sole aim of this platform is to add value to the lives of the people and impact as many expecting mothers as possible. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey indeed but it also comes with its challenges and there often comes a time when everybody is busy celebrating the joy of welcoming a new member into the family, and the harbinger of this life – “the mother” is left behind. The team at Pregamate strongly believes that each and every woman is the epitome of strength and looking after them and supporting them in their journey of becoming mothers is a pious work because it is the right of every woman to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Dr. Farhan goes on to say, “This journey has not been an easy one and there’s a lot more to achieve and accomplish before I rest and I hope to continue this journey forward with our motto of doing good and making everyone happy and motivating as many people as possible to help in bringing about a change in the society”.

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