hxpert-Home Service, “Odisha’s startup to launch their services in entire Nation”

hxpert, an Odisha-based Startup Company founded by Divyajyoti Mohanty (Founder & C.E.O) in 2020, is a Unit of TroveStack Private Limited, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Meet Divyajyoti, A young entrepreneur from Cuttack, Odisha. Founder & C.E.O of Trovestack Pvt. Ltd. Launching Odisha’s First Gig Marketplace. hxpert opening its services to the general people of Odisha & India. Creating the largest employment generating organization for urban India for users who are looking for Application-based home services to ease their life. Mr. Divyajyoti said that “The company aims to disrupt the services marketplace in Odisha and eventually in India with a strategic and customer-centric approach”. Now, the nation will recognize Odisha and its potential in the same way that Bengaluru has. A doorway to new possibilities.

hxpert is an Application Based Home Service provider which comes up with the best solution for its respected users. It offers various services like Home Cleaning, Salon(Men/Women), Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Home appliances (Repair, Maintainance or Installation), & other 200+ services at your Doorstep. Currently, its stunning is Doorstep Car Wash at an unmatchable price i.e. ₹99/- Only

hxpert is not here to sell you items or services; rather, it is here to provide you with the best solution. The motive of this concept is to solve everyone’s day-to-day living problems, such as if you require a carpenter, electrician, or plumber and are bothered by repeated follow-ups about where he is and when he’ll arrive and fix the problem. After all of these arduous operations, he will charge you a desirable sum that will not fit into your budget. These will add time and money to your workload. That is why TroveStack Private Limited devised a solution to make this process more efficient for their users. Simply go to www.hxpert.in, schedule your desired service and pay at your convenience(just simple is that).

In this entire industry, there is no other company startup that initiated its customer acquisition inside Odisha before expanding to the rest of India. We will be the first of all these startups with the potential for exponential growth. For Odisha and its people, being able to address the world is a source of great pride. hxpert is currently servicing in Bhubaneswar and has recently begun serving in Berhampur. We intend to expand to other cities in Odisha as well as across India.

hxpert is generating various aspects such as; 

  • Training & Employment
  • Return on Investment
  • On-time Solution 

hxpert has a dedicated team that is determined to grow the brand. We cover aspects such as digital marketing, business development, advertising, customer acquisition, customer relationship building, and more. We have faith in our team and our outstanding leader.

“Time is money, so let’s not waste money and invest time,” we’ll rule time with this vision and an unbreakable will to change the world. Be a part of the hxpert family and experience a new era. Anyone can join hxpert as a Business Associate with a small investment because it offers a 36% ROI that can reach 900% or higher.

Link: https://www.hxpert.in/en/

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