Billionairess Is The Goal– Women accepting the challenge

“A woman’s journey is always different from men’s in every aspect whether its a relationship, a business, or in general life”

Society is constantly challenging us to become a better version and it’s time to accept that challenge and show the world what women are capable of. Men had this leverage to be what they want and they had it their way, but for women, if she wants to do something out of the box, they are being judged and questioned.

Billionairess Is The Goal… book focuses on two major points

1. Future is female, as we see women stepping up as a leader in majorly every industry to break all the limitations and show the world that they can take all the responsibilities and risks and win 

2. Inspiring and aspiring leaders who want to take a step ahead leaving their doubts, insecurities, and fears, and stepping into the shoes of a confident entrepreneur. So this book is actually for all those who just need a push to overcome ifs and buts and go and rock the stage you want to.

In this society where men are supporting men to have some kind of dominance over, what will it be like if a woman starts supporting women? Can you imagine what kind of impact we could have if we are truly united and start supporting each other? All kinds of injustice, restrictions, and dominance that men possess over women can get vanished.

But just have a vivid imagination where no matter what your sexual orientation is everybody supports everybody, but here’s the reality that’s not the world we live in as of now.

The book shows the numbers and data from the experts on women leading the future and nobody can deny it. Very soon we all will witness females getting into the top 10 billionaire list by Forbes Magazine.

The book also talks about the mindset you need to have to go through that journey which is to be so strong mentally that failures or challenges don’t shake you up but it awakes the giant of ideas and a more strengthened mindset. It’s not just the money but also how mindset can bring you strength as well as money.

Just having Money is not enough, because we humans are social beings we need relationships, recognition, security, and what not so I’ve enlighted my readers with proven tips and tricks that can help them in their personal life as well and have a balanced life

Billionairess Is The Goal, is my first book and I always wanted it to be something that looks like me and I see myself as being a very strong woman. As a woman, I have the courage to stand away from the crowd and inspire others women to take a step forward while making money and maintaining relationships.

I’m Stephanie E Benjamin, A Speaker, A Podcaster, A model, An author, and many more titles to add on, bring you motivation, a mindset, and a guide in form of this book that will inspire you and help you to take a step forward and show the world what you are capable of and what all you can achieve

This book is a guiding hand for all those who are capable of doing wonders and bringing change to society.

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