Akash Sagar Performs in Dubai, Takes Away Hearts of People With His Voice

After his success as a singer, music producer and composer now Akash has set his foot onto better and huge things. Things that will change everything for him. It was not days ago when Akash was performing successfully in Cafes, Bars and Music Shows across India but now he has also garnered love and support from international audience. 

He has lured a lot people with his voice and not just with Hindi Bollywood songs but English track covers, his original songs, Punjabi songs and the list goes on and on. It was after his Phoolon Ka, Taaron Ka cover went viral with over 2 Million views on YouTube, he has not stopped since then. Turning over the chapters of his life, he has been in this field for last 12 years and over the years he has learned a lot of things, and has achieved various milestones in his journey. He credits music for all of this.

In the Music industry, there are a lot of gems and people who are immensely talented and are blessed with beautiful voice. As a singer Akash recently performed live in Dubai, UAE. He performed in top cafes of Dubai such as High Note Pool and Sky Lounge, One Club Dubai, Epitome Dubai, Opus Dubai. These are one of the few top-rated cafés in Dubai where he performed and his live performance was loved by people out there so much that there were Songs-on-Demand.

In his career that spans over 12 years he has attend more than thousands of live shows and performances but according to him these was a different one, altogether. He says, “The vibe there was different and people were so much into the music that seeing them that way kept me charged for hours. I love this and I thank the audience for being such a good one.”

Born and Raised in Ayodhya, the Birth land of legend Ram Akash has made everyone— his family, his friends and the people of Ayodhya. At a young age he has made it to such huge platforms which is yet a dream for few. 

Akash was asked if he has undergone any formal training or has any family links in the music industry to which he replied, “I have a degree in Classical Music and I have also completed a year’s training at Bhatkhande Music Industry but formally I did not train as such. I took motivation from my uncle and the rest is all my hard work. I started out my music career from Lucknow without any links in the music industry. It was me alone and solely doing the work and working hard for music.”

It was not something that he decided overnight. The passion for music and love for rhythms and tunes was within him since he was a kid and these only grew deeper and deeper as he grew older. With time he researched and got to know how could he turn his passion into profession and following the path he has successfully done that.

The sweat and blood was worth it, performing in Dubai in such elite club is a huge achievement and it should be celebrated with enthusiasm and happiness. His aim is to become an independent artist who conquers the hearts of people by his voice. He is already working on making his own music and he wishes to work with Bollywood and sing-make music for them. 

Apart form this, he is actively associated with international music labels and event managers where he is soulfully performing and winning hearts of people with his talent and soothing voice.

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