A Hunt for peace: 

Why does it become difficult to find? How to find Peace?

There comes a time in every individual’s life where you realize ‘PEACE’ is the ultimate treasure  that you can cherish. But where can you find this treasure? 

With increasing awareness about mental health and equal preference given to it along with physical fitness, maintaining balance and checking up on yourself has become important. 

And, here again, peace plays a very important role. 

In an unhealthy relationship, between settling for passion or a career that has ‘scope and money’, holding up a high self-esteem even when you are crumbling inside or letting go and being the bigger person, we face all of these doubts and constantly search for an easy way out. 

But, scars are left behind and even though it’s all in the past, Peace is nowhere close. 


It’s because you were/are looking for it in the wrong places. 

The various reasons for a disturbed mind could be:

  1. Unresolved trauma

Something that causes you pain every time you think of an incident. It could be a fleeting 2 minutes event or something you had been suffering from for years but the slightest thought of it can disturb your happy going day. 

  1. Childhood memories

While growing up comparison with siblings or cousins in a joint family, or close friends in school, be it for any activity, appearance or way of doing this. This could leave a mark and deepen the scar over the years causing lack of self-confidence and peace. 

  1. Environment

The environment you grew up in or the one in which you live now can be a deciding factor of unhappiness and unsatisfactory living. Family, neighbourhood, workplace, etc anywhere you visit often and triggering behaviour is being practiced, it could lead you to pile up annoyance and irritation. 

  1. Validation and Expectations

We are usually taught to find validation from our work and career and fulfil expectations set by ourselves and others to find satisfaction. However, what we are often not taught is that these are temporary and in the long run will prove a roller coaster ride of finding and losing peace. 

Instead, acceptance and acknowledgment in who we are and not going hard on ourselves when we can’t always excel is finding peace within. 


Try within you and not around. 

You make peace with yourself first. 

Mother Teresa said Charity begins at home. 

Similarly, your peace resides within you.


  1. Check on the unresolved trauma

They are hidden inside you and you need to find why they make you feel negative. What is it that hurts you and causes grief? 

  1. Letting go of judgements and comparisons. 

Building trust within yourself first. It’s easy to say that you trust yourself but only during a crisis do you realize. Self-realization is the way to go. 

  1. Making a routine.

Set your Priorities and Goals. Exercise meditation and mindfulness activities. 

This is the time you spend with yourself. No devices or books around, just you and your thoughts. And during this time try building a habit of talking positive to yourself and breaking that negative voice inside the head. Be a friend for yourself. Self-talk. 

  1. Peace is a state of mind.

Realize that it’s not constant. So as per the situation, focus on the solution and divert your energy towards the action rather than  stressing over the question, “What should I do?” If the actions are under your control, do it. If not, then let go. 

  1. Add Positive affirmations to the daily routine.

Accept the flaws, body. It should show in difficult situations. 

Practice writing positivity rather than negativity while journaling.

  1. Understand our purpose as a person.

Understand spirituality and what are the certain ways that lead us to our peace. Help others. Reach out to others without expecting in return. You will find peace in yourself when you generously share your peace with others.


Harshita Gupta. A Certified Life Coach and Mental Health Professional is here to answer such and many more questions . Her young, dynamic nature and ever optimistic smile, along with her career as a former National Level Rifle shooter and Life Coaching experience, is the guide to find all the answers and the treasure you have been looking for. She wants to help you find peace and growth towards becoming a mentally healthy person.

If you;

  • are facing an unhealthy relationship with your parents, friends, colleagues or partner…
  • are having trouble finding which career is right for you…
  • are not confident about choosing passion over career… 
  • have low self-esteem …
  • want to win over better friends… 
  • wish to find success in every small task you are assigned…
  • want to love yourself better…
  • are looking for a listening ear… 
  • are looking for somebody to understand you… 

And most importantly, if you believe you have it in you and just need to unleash your potential!

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