A Construction Company for the New Age Dwellers

John Buildwell is named after its founder Mr S Maria John. The John Group was formed in 1981 by a young and ambitious John, and it has thrived ever since. They established a number of profitable businesses, including John Saw Mill Pvt Ltd and Antony Metals Pvt Ltd., which specializes in Wood, cement, steel, etc. 

They started buying their wood in bulk and have even imported exotic species from other countries. By adding John Buildwell to this bunch, they eventually raised their game. John Buildwell has done an outstanding job assisting customers in the construction and enjoyment of their dream houses.

They’ve been in business for almost 50 years and have a solid reputation in the building industry. They started out little, with merely a timber sawmill in Tirunelveli, and have since significantly expanded. Their mission and vision have always been the same to BUILD MANKIND. John Buildwell has experience in private homes, shopping complexes, and commercial real estate. In this field, they continue to succeed. Their prior works continue to beautify the locations where they live today—John’s Heaven City, John’s Royal Residency, and a slew of other titles.

JOHN RIVER VIEW Apartment has two and three-bedroom units that range in size from 900 to 1370 square feet. They are currently creating magnificent living environments for people just like you and me. Before the anticipated surge, tenants are already taking their space. It’s a property that’s too good to pass up, with features like a large gym, a play area for the kids, and a large jogging track for all the runners out there. Despite the fact that they have not yet completed their building work, but the flats are practically sold due to their reputation among customers.

They have strong professionals on board, such as Executive Director Mr. Maria Antony, who has received JCI India’s highest honor, the Kamal Padra Award. Third-party organizations such as Rotary and Lions club have also recognized them. “Our top concern has always been and will always be the customer,” says Maria Antony, an ambitious entrepreneur. Because of their brand loyalty, their clients continue to invest in their homes. Their quality-conscious, upfront ideas and honesty have earned them a loyal following.

They’re working on newer living spaces such as the JOHN RIVER VIEW and JOHN GOLDEN CITY, which are already generating interest from eager home purchasers. They are efficient and customer-focused, and they will always prioritize your demands. Their knowledge of this subject is as solid as their foundations. When we inquired about their most recent project, John River View Apartments, they gushed about how most of the flats in John River View Apartments were already sold out before they could even begin construction. Visit John Buildwell India Pvt Ltd website for further information:


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