Why hospitality marketing matters? SHAURYA SARTHAK

Not everyone has the ability to understand this world the way Shaurya does.

 Shaurya Sarthak is a self-made person who has proved himself by making his dreams and wishes come true! One of a kind, his unique vision puts him ahead of everyone and describes him among those very few people who fight all sorts of odds and ultimately write their own future. Shaurya is all set to launch a platform that can solve each, and every problem hoteliers face in the hospitality industry. 

Presenting to you, Autopilott. In a nutshell, it’s another marketing company that the team launched, but in this, they have scaled up their operations and will be catering to hospitality brands only. He 

Here’s how it all started for Shaurya.

 Beginning his performance marketing career at the mere age of 19, he soon gained quite an ambition to be the best at what he does. By now, he has garnered the level of respect that every one of us dreams of.

 However, success has always been the child of audacity – the willingness to fight all sorts of friction that pull you down. A quite decent student in the first two years of college with a top score of 8.65 CGPA, Shaurya felt like a sheep in the crowd, where he was just an ordinary guy like everyone. As weird as it may sound, he never wanted that. Having heard the stories of how brilliant students get rejected by top MNCs, it played with his mind. With a tensed mind, he began to obsess with the thought of such stories and a question popped in his mind that put him into an overthinking state– will his three years of education be of any use? 

Thumped and stamped, he remained calm and kept on because he very well knew he was not the same as everyone else, and all the thoughts he was having were just minded playing with him. But there was a time when his thoughts disturbed him to whole another level. However, when the night seems darkest, the stars begin to shine the brightest. A gradual upliftment through sports and good to series started to pull him out and shower him with beautifully magnificent and unique ideas that were bound to shape not just him but anyone who even gets to know of it—playing Basketball and working outplayed an important role in these times. Then the pandemic happened. The world slowed down. But this brought fresh opportunities and a new purpose. 

Hence, the stars began to shine brightly. A thought popped in his mind – “Why should I rely on companies to give me a job based on my qualifications where I will have to work 9-5 tirelessly when I can work tirelessly 24×7 to build a better company myself and give a job to people based on their skills, not their qualification. At the young age of 20, Shaurya Sarthak decided to turn all his previous workaround and make his virtual assistant company AlphaAssistant an all-service marketing agency. 

Things looked very challenging at first, but gradually with his right intent, it started bearing fruits. He started getting clients and expanded the team. The hiring decisions made by Shaurya were quite interesting. He contacted his friends who he also thought worried about the coming future and asked one thing “If you get an opportunity to turn your life around, would you take, considering you don’t have any idea of what the job is or how hard will it be to learn? The idea of the question, according to Shaurya, is the openness to learn and how bad you are willing to work for it. These methods actually worked for him, and now there are competent marketers working in his team. 

These days, Shaurya and the team are working on expanding their market to the US and Europe. With Autopilott, they are launching a new segment with their agency where they will make things super easy and simple for hospitality brands to market their business. 

Autopilott is also planning to get into the NFT space in the coming future with the launch of their very own collectibles. Well, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 

At the end of our conversation, when I asked him what is that one thing that kept him motivated throughout, he smilingly replied, “there is not one thing but knowing the fact that I am the hardest worker in the room & all this is MY story, and I am the HERO. This works as an anchor for me, and you cannot go wrong with the mindset. 

I felt that is definitely a very mature thing to say for a 21-year-old. I wish Shaurya and the team all the best. And thanks for the time. 

Checkout autopilott.co, shauryasarthak.com

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