What’s all the fuss about mental health!? 

Is there a need for our wellbeing? Do we really have to take care of our mental wellbeing?  \ Our concept of mental health and wellbeing is so bizarre  because we tend to  separate our own physical selves  from our mental selves. The fact is that we are all of it together in  the form of our body and mind, so the question is why do we tend to treat them so  differently……  

The statistics around the number of people suffering from stress, anxiety, loneliness in the new era is appalling…. the percentages are so high that it is impossible for any of us to ignore it. Also, we need to start thinking about how it may impact our next generation.  

Pinkymind is an organization offering a safe space for understanding and coping with mental  health and wellness issues. The vision is to touch billions of minds. PinkyMind wants to build a  culture of mental wellness and Self-awareness. This is a way to enable the next generation to live their lives authentically. They should be able to live without fears of being judged and  have the ability to take critical decisions in their lives. They should be able to cope with the  consequences of their decisions without getting completely crushed under pressure of rules  and regulations or expectations of their external environment. 

Pinkymind was started, in 2019, by Stephen who had a personal struggle with anxiety and  suffered from Panic attacks. He went through a journey of self-discovery and regulation and  realized that many more were going through similar struggles with nowhere to go for help.  This is why Pinkymind was formed. It has  an online platform making it easy to reach and  seek help. Shiven is the technical wizard and a founding member who has built the app and  made it easy to navigate and use. Smita, psychologist and a life coach, joined in as a founding  member and brought with her an expertise of counseling and therapy. The organization is constantly  evolving with an aim to serve the users better. Confidential, anonymous counseling is their  forte. PinkyMinds has so far reached thousands of clients and has offered about 40K free sessions  in less than 2 years since it was  established.  

The challenge lies in the way our society perceives the concept of seeking help for mental  health. There is a lot of stigma around seeking help and it has taken constant effort from team  Pinkymind to educate and offer as much information and help as possible.  

The only constant thing in our lives is ‘Change’ and change is unfortunately difficult to deal  with. What we need is the ability to understand, cope with the change and for that, being  aware. Being able to take care of your mental health is of prime importance! Pinkymind is  here to be your partner to help you with all the changes that come your way! Pinkymind is an  entirely safe space to share your journey with. The future is in our MINDS!

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