India is on its journey to becoming a developed country. India’s gig economy has skyrocketed with the rising number of startups and e-commerce platforms.

Shipments per day are 4 million. Just think about how many Indian people depend on e-commerce. This is just when a lot of people are not using the internet, and the large market is still not covered. 

Nowadays, rural people also use e-commerce platforms. There are many players in online commerce. As we know, most boom-era startups are based on quick commerce, such as companies like Dunzo, Grofers, Blinkit, and Zepto.

High-quality on-demand services that are only a few clicks away put the generation at ease. People are using these services to make their lives easier, and that’s why the focus is on bringing seamless, quick service to the doorstep.

LORRO has established its goal to make the service network faster and wider. LORRO aims to hire 56% of the service professionals who are below the income to become a taxpayer. It is what LORRO intend to contribute to new India by providing opportunities to service professionals for growth. 

The rise in demand for goods and services has given growth-seeking professionals more incentive to enhance income and profitability. We are pleased to say that LORRO is doing its lot to help build the new India.

At LORRO, we support client demand by providing a seamless and rapid delivery experience right to their home. Aiming to foster client pleasure and understanding.

Giving clients the best experience is LORRO’s main priority. LORRO has extensively investigated and evaluated many ideas. LORRO provides 30+ service specialists at any given moment for 50+ brands and businesses.

In India, LORRO is the first business to offer this kind of rapid commerce solution. Customers receive high-quality services on time and at a reasonable cost without having to give up their preference for booking their preferred services.

Last but not least, LORRO has made contributions to the service sector for improved user satisfaction. On the other hand, LORRO is giving professionals access to a range of employment options and freelance alternatives. The impending employment will significantly contribute to the improvement of the nation because it is not just one job.

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