UpTodd – Babies creating International records

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to remember that a baby’s brain develops at its fastest rate throughout the first three years of life through a process called brain proliferation. Each child is born with billions of neurons, and one million new synaptic connections form every second, making the 0–3 years of age particularly significant for the infant.

Every child on this planet is special in their way. The right guidance, the right path, and the right environment help them recognise their inner abilities and manoeuvre them in the right direction. Uptodd is a research backed, well tested long term customised and personalised parenting platform provider for babies less than 3 years old, program offers everything from parenting to developmental exactly as per your child’s developmental needs and acts as one stop solution for the parenting needs of any parents.

Recent parenting efforts with Uptodd-provided developmental kits resulted in 24 babies winning international honours and 39 babies winning national accolades. Additionally, we met two such extraordinarily gifted children and their parents to know their extraordinary developmental journey.

So, we met Dhruvut, who won an International Kalam’s award at the age of 8 months where he identified 416 Flashcards within 10 Minutes.

“Dhruvut joined uptodd at an early age as we found uptodd really special. By the amazing guidance and kit of uptodd we were able to train and guide him in a special way and now we can see that he is a really special child. I am really proud of it.” said Priyanka, mother of Dhruvut

Also, Tejas, who is just 18 months old baby, spoke & identified 800 different words of a variety of things like animals, places, flags etc. within 29 Minutes and created an international record to win New York Times award.

“I always felt like doing something special for my child and uptodd is one such platform which really helped me a lot in the journey from support to everything. Now Tejas is way more genius than any other baby of the same age group” said Ruby, mother of Tejas

Although these infants are too young to astonish, still they made everyone’s jaws drop by developing their talent at Uptodd by becoming super geniuses. Every infant on the earth is born with these unique talents, but it takes persistent, well-directed effort over a longer period of time to unleash these talents.

With a reasonable programme of INR 2,000–3,000 per month and a research-backed customised developmental toy kit being fully included in the programme, Uptodd offers a super exceptional long-term trustworthy parenting strategy that appeals to parents all over the world.

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