Unique beauty and brilliance is worth capturing, says the renowned photographer Jay Vardhan Sharan

Photography is all about creating memories by capturing the smile on someone’s face or recording any moment of life irrespective of any genre. This is the creativity of an artist, and a passionate soul, as passion is the biggest asset in anything creative you do. Talking about such an artistic soul whose talent in photography was successfully recognized by international platforms such as National Geographic Your shot–A World leader in geography, cartography, and exploration besides viewbug.com, youpic.com, 35 Awards Russia and still counting. It’s none other than the acclaimed photographer Jay Vardhan Sharan.

Jay has been associated with photography for eight long years, and it all began as a hobby turned into a passion that makes him go limitless once he starts to click. At the current date, he is a Monitoring Manager by profession settled in New Delhi. With a great understanding of wildlife and conservation, he loves to capture the beauty, which enhanced his interest in nature & wildlife as his favorite genre.  

Being an avid traveler, Jay stayed in New Zealand for a few years and traveled to various countries. He was fond of capturing memories, and that’s when he got started as a photographer and developed a passion for it. The classic work and the photography of the other accomplished photographers influenced him to carve down his niche where he could relate his journey well with the famous photographer Rathika Ramaswamy. When he talked about facing any challenge, he stated, “Convincing the audience that with right skillset and gear you can do wonders in multiple photography types was the biggest challenge for me as with time I had developed skills in clicking pictures of almost all genres.” This exceptional skill of him had elevated his name and fame in the Industry. 

Claim to Fame

– Two times winner of SIG competition conducted by Amazon India in the genre of food photography and Halloween, amongst thousands of competitors.

– Internationally recognized photographer featured in major international media, Google verified.

His word of Wisdom

– Blend of skill and will is the key to become a successful photographer besides passion, hard work, and patience, with your style and creativity. 

His plan of action

– To establish his studio and workshop.

– Launch his UGC-approved course on wildlife photography for the youngsters who aspire to build a career in wildlife. “India is blessed with wildlife, yet it is underrated because people do not have a route map to make a career out of it. Guidance, direction, and skill set are all that is needed for the one who wants to make a profession out of it,” he said.

Few excerpts of his work

1. Phenomenal Patters on a Pheasant 

This vintage was published on National Geographic (Yourshot) and was appreciated by Mr. David Lee, Producer of National Geographic, Your Shot.

Compliment in the word of Mr. David Lee “The portrait of this pheasant is fantastic. I love how the bird fills the entire frame, and yet I am focused on its eye. I am happy that you worked as per the situation and made photos from various angles and perspectives. Your photo looks awesome in black and white. Great seeing Jay, well done!”

2. Conveying her pain through eyes.

Unquestionably, a picture speaks a thousand words. The saying goes well in terms of clicking portraits, as it becomes mandatory to capture and reflect the correct emotion behind the face. This shot was ranked 4th out of 100 best photographs by Photocrowd.com and was an inspiration on Youpic.com.

3. All I want is the taste your lips allow.

At times we need to think out of the box and wait for the outcome. This classic shot was his stepping stone in Amazon India’s SIG competition, which emerged as the winner amongst thousands of participants. 

4. Alien Invasion in my city!

Lotus Temple presented in the form of an Alien Face. Needless to mention that a camera takes a photograph, but our perspective behind the shot makes it exceptional. This picture clicked by jay made its place in special recognitions on Viewbug.com and 35 awards Russia.

5. Three of a kind!

Patience is rewarding when it comes to any creative piece of art, and the same goes with photography, along with sharp focus and grounded nature that derives fascinating results. This frame of bar-headed geese was one of his most sold photos that made it to various exhibitions.  

The above creativity of Jay makes him stand apart from the crowd for his distinguished way of bringing many stories to light through his art in all genres. Connect with him on Instagram @jvsphotogallery to explore more of his world with photography.

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