This 18-Year-Old Boy has Trained 6,000 Students in Share Market 

Financial freedom and money management is something that is underrated but is the most important aspect of living. How to earn money and how to make money are two different concepts and people often do not find difference among two. 

To make people aware and equip them with proper knowledge Omkar Sachin Gavali provides people knowledge about share market and financial management. He is the owner of Shree Trading Academy where he trains aspiring traders and people who are passionate about it. Omkar has also written a book about share market titled, The War of Share Market where he has shared his experience and knowledge about the same.

About Omkar Sachin Gavali

Omkar Sachin Gavali is a financial expert, author and an advisor who help people with their money and make their money a resource to invest and earn more. He opens up his advises for anyone who is willing to learn and know about financial management. 

He started his career as a financial advisor, trader and investor at a very young age of 14, to be specific it all started with passion to earn and make money and it was when he discovered trading and investing. He found these ways most practical and logical where he could earn money only with his knowledge therefore, he started business in share market and since then he has never look back. As soon as he passed out intermediate with science as his subject at the age of 16, he switched and started his career as a teacher in share market something that he always had passion for— share market. 

He started his own market class academy where he would teach students and alongside, he would trade and invest in the share market, it was a two-sided affair. One side he was teaching and on the other side he was learning and experimenting in the share market. Something that started merely as passion today has turned into a successful career and he continuous to rise and shine. He says, “I believe people should know about how to manage money, how to invest and to put money into best use. It is not something that is taught in schools but it is very important when it comes to living a successful life.”

Today Shree Trading Academy has taught over 6,000 students and has imparted them with market knowledge and financial freedom. With over 16 branches and franchise spread across different metropolitan city the academy has become one of the most successful and preferred academies for financial and trading knowledge. 

What might come as a surprise for many is that Omkar Sachin Gavali is currently just 18 years old and has achieved a lot and continuous to do so. 

About War of Share Market 

War of Share Market is the title of the book that is authored by Omkar Sachin Gavali where he has shared his own knowledge and with this book, he wishes to impart it to people who want to invest and trade. As he published his book, he became India’s First Youngest Person to author something so deep and knowledgeable on share market. 

His writing journey started in 2017 when he started writing blogs about share market, trade market and investment but due to SEBI Research Analyst Regulation, 2021 he had to stop blogging but the writing took a new form now in the form of a book.

Omkar says, “The book is in simple language for people who find it difficult to learn invest and know about market.” He further adds, “It focuses on retail investors and provides useful suggestions for their investments.” The book is an interesting read that comes with  easy language, without any technical jargon or formalities.

If you read this book step-by-step and follow the suggestions provided herein you will never lose money in share market. After reading this book, you will know how an initial investment and to never stop investing.

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