The Story of a Director and Producer – Yogendra Singh Rathore

Yogendra Singh Rathore is a 27 years old Director and Producer with a fantastic knowledge of the industry since last 3 years. Along with being a director, he is also an owner of Morvi Production, A production house  with their offices in Kota and Mumbai that produces many hit songs and music videos on YouTube platform.

Yogendra Singh also worked as an actor in many well-known tv serials like savdhaan India, D – Facts (The hidden of reality show ) and music video and the name is Awaaz song and many more upcoming. He has experience as a director and producer for various upcoming projects.

He came up with his production house to provide an open platform for talented and deserving people as he himself started with acting and he has come a long way in establishing himself in entertainment industry. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge about the workings of these industries, it has made him one of the most sought-after professionals who have the capabilities to handle multiple jobs with élan. He is skilled enough to come up with what looks best.

Under Morvi Production yogendra has launched so many hit music videos over his channel on YouTube and by the time now Morvi production is a well-known production house of Rajasthan.

Not only this Yogendra himself have worked with so many celebrities and famous singers like Aaman Trikha famous for song Hukkah Bar from movie Khiladi 786, Aakash Sharma fame of song Hasi Ban Gaye, Prabhat Gehlot fame of Ishq Bimariyaan and many more.

He desired to become an actor and a model, but now he is all involved with the Direction and production team to provide the best opportunities to people with excellent skills and knowledge. The journey of Yogendra Singh in entertainment industry was full of struggle, but his bang on determination made him achieve his dreams.

He is also coming up with his two major projects which are Music videos.

Named as “Pyaar Mangdi” by Harjot kaur fame of main ishq mein hun (Radheshyam)movie and chhap tilak (The wife ) (Yeh ristha kya kahlata hai and “Ishq abhi baaki hai” by Aaman Trikha fame of Hukkah bar song, prem lila , popo and many more, lead actors for the same are Viren singh rathore fame of Aladdin, Splitsvilla and many serial and female lead Sofia kaur (She have done so many music videos), “Mohalla by Aakash Sharma”

Also, he is soon going to produce a web series for amazon prime the shoot will start later this year.

Yogendra Singh have worked so hard to achieve everything which he has today and the struggle did by him is very real and motivating for others he have motivated a lot of people in his life and each and every person should learn from him that how smoothly he handles all the tasks in the era where everyone is scared of the entertainment industry due to nepotism and all the bad sides.

One can proudly say that he has achieved a lot more in his career and is inching step by step towards more success. He is driven by his hard work and passion to be the best among the rest.

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