The middle-class boy is now a successful businessman

He was a middle-class boy who had been a successful businessman for the past year. His parents and teachers have always told him that it’s not easy to become successful, and they encouraged him to study hard. He has always tried his best, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan, which is why some people might think that he is lazy or something like that. Let me tell you now; there is nothing wrong with being average! 

Who is Aditya Soni? 

You may have heard of him.

 His name is Aditya, and he’s a 19-year-old young entrepreneur from India. He was born in Rajasthan and completed his schooling from there. 

How did he become a successful businessman after a lot of failures? 

He is a middle-class boy who failed in school & college and then became successful. 

But how did he manage to do so?

Well, it all happened by combining his positive mindset and thirst for financial freedom with a lot of dedication and hard work! 

What is his plan for the future? 

He is on a mission to help every possible business venture to grow using his digital marketing tactics. Along with that, he loves traveling, and his goal is to travel around the world and explore it. 

Don’t forget that you can be a successful businessman.

 When he started doing business, then he got a lot of failures and big losses. After having 15 continuous failures, he generated his first income from Affiliate Marketing. He was a top earner on that platform. Right now, he is running his successful digital marketing agency. You can also connect with him on social media: Instagram –

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