Social Activists protests against wardbandi in Faridabad

Social activists and Wardbandi Virodh Morcha unite themselves against the ward distribution criteria in Faridabad for upcoming Municipal Corporation of Faridabad. People across the faridabad got together against the wards distribution system by the administration. People belonging across the society get together in this protest. 

Different associations and RWA Presidents joined Wardbandi Virodhi Morcha for a peaceful protest against this wardbandi. Protest started from NIT 1 Faridabad and concluded at Municipal Corporation of Faridabad office. We have seen women empowerment in this protest as well along with various social workers including Mr. Himanshu Sethi, Sardar Manish Bhatia, Mr. B.S Behel with more names and names in the list. 

Major agenda of the protest was to force the administration to change the wards back again and at the same time make people feel what will happen if the wards have been divided. Area of the wards have been changed remarkably which will lead to divide the society and at the same time people will have no clue where to contact their counsellor if they face any issue in their society. 

To give the clue about some of the Social Worker today we will let you know something about the social activist – Mr. Himanshu Sethi. When asked him regarding his views as what he demands from his counsellor when he / she comes out elected in the upcoming municipal corporation elections. Conditions of roads and even Highways are very poor, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is no where seen here and loads of garbage can be seen on roadside and even near to the schools and public buildings. There are various spots in Faridabad which needs to be cleaned on regular basis and focus should be on maintain their cleanliness on regular basis. Due to the lack of its cleanliness in the area there are chances of increased diseases among old age group people, infants and small kids. Situation of the market needs an immediate attention as well, he added.

Mr. Himanshu Sethi is a social activist who did fantabulous job during COVID – 19 where he himself along with his family and friends cooked and distributed food for the needy people for around 45 consecutive days along with 100+ Ration packets which were distributed during the course. He was also serving as a Control-Room-In-Charge in Singh Sabha Gurudwara Sector 15 Faridabad along with Faridabad Administration, Gurudwara Administration, Faridabad Counsellors, ward in-charge and Volunteers team. 

Not only this, he is very active in working for the betterment of the society while helping and keeping the society neat and clean by participating in the Swacch Bharat drive through Anti-Polythyne Campaign and Plantation drive, He socially believes in equality of the gender and working for the Women Empowerment parallelly, he is constantly and constructively engaged to make Faridabad a smarter city to live in.  He has a vision to help children more educated irrespective of their caste, gender, economic barriers as well. He wants equality in education system for which he wants reservation to be given on the basis of their economic conditions rather than on the caste basis. He is National Vice President of Human Rights and Social Justice Committee. 

Along with the social activities he is also known for his love for sports, he was ex-vice president of Faridabad District Boxing Association, Faridabad. His love for cricket is indispensable and irreplaceable he was the owner of Noida Crease Hunters team and President of T10 Grassroots Cricket Association, Uttar Pradesh which was the integral part of T10 Grasroots Cricketers Association of India and World. T10. T10 GCA Uttar Pradesh was well supported by various Bollywood Celebrities like: Mr. Vikrant Anand (Actor), Mr. Amit Mutreja (Singer), Mr. Sohit Soni (Comedian), and Actress like: Ms. Jyoti Pancholi, Ms. Khushi Anand, Ms. Anjali Bansal etc.

Coming to the Entertainment industry he has produced a movie named Dharam Ke Saudagar (Regional – 2016) and co-produced a movie Mungeri Lal B.Tech (Hindi – 2017) apart from producing a reality show named aaj ke Champions for 3 consecutive years from 2013, to 2015.

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