SKAdNetwork Mobile Attribution’s Evolution

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SKAdNetwork Mobile Attribution’s Evolution

By Ujwal Sharma  April 12, 2022  3 Mins read410

The IDFA will no longer be valid for mobile advertisers with Apple’s new iOS 14 release. The SKAdNetwork attribution method is what Apple proposes as a substitute. This new paradigm will ultimately result in a significant shift in the mobile advertising measurement ecosystem. The SKAdNetwork API makes it easy to track mobile app installs while maintaining user privacy.

History of IDFA and Tracking of Mobile Devices

The transition has always been the driving force behind technical advancement in this age. Initially, Apple didn’t think about how to advertise the App Store; they just wanted a location for developers to sell their applications. In the absence of a clear way for marketers to track the success of their campaigns, developers face a significant challenge.

After a few years, Apple introduced IDFA, a technology that allows marketers to keep tabs on the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Using this, marketers and developers may quickly identify the people who clicked on an ad or downloaded an application. 

Eventually, this resulted in a significant expansion of the application sector, which aided in the refinement of the capacity to track users and target potential clients via ad measures. Marketers now have sophisticated and remarkable visibility over their advertisements, which is a boon for everyone in the business!

This new technology has made it possible for businesses to keep tabs on their customers’ previous purchases, preferences, and locations. Indeed, this data may be exchanged across enterprises. With the release of iOS14, Apple has announced a significant shift in the way it handles user data.

What is SKAdNetwork?

Apple’s subsequent emphasis for iOS 14 is to provide marketers with an alternate method when consumers deny consent to be monitored. Now, Apple has introduced “SKAdNetwork” as an alternate method for advertising attribution.

It will be possible for mobile marketers to track the success of their advertising campaigns with the help of SKAdNetwork. Marketers can see which of their marketing initiatives resulted in a new customer installing an app or purchasing. 

Advertisers benefit from this approach since it provides aggregate statistics. Still, it does not provide much information on individual users, like which ad a user engaged in or what information or impressions the user sees.

The framework’s primary goal is to provide companies and marketers with information on the effectiveness of their advertising without releasing any personal information about the users to make informed decisions about whether or not to continue investing in that particular campaign.

SKAdNetwork’s Real-Time Effects

Many advertisers are concerned about the impact of Apple’s decision to improve user privacy on the mobile market. There have been no developments on the IDFA option for individual-level data, which many people are interested in. 

However, some developers have suggested that they may convince or persuade consumers to opt-in and give their data in exchange for access to select free play applications. Apple hasn’t explicitly said if it will allow third-party developers to track the effectiveness of its advertising campaign in the same manner that others have. There has been no notification in this regard to date.

Will advertisers and developers be benefited from SKAdNetwork?

Apple has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, from the iPod to the wristwatch. They’ve always had a new product catalog and a history of dramatic reinvention in the form of more intelligent and tiny devices that are ahead of technological advancements.

Series 1 Apple Watch lacked several critical functions, but Series 5 wowed fans with its ability to stay on all day long. As a result, the SKAdNetwork, initially published in 2018 and is currently in its second version, is likely to undergo the same transformation. By 2023, the “Series 5” of SKAdNetwork is expected to be released, which is eagerly anticipated by developers and marketers alike.

How to Maximize SKAdNetwork’s Potential?

If you’re a marketer, you must undoubtedly wonder how to maximize this new approach introduced by Apple. As an overview, here is everything you’ll require:

  • Your media partners must support SKAdNetwork API integration. iOS 14 is expected to be widely adopted, as is the case with all iOS updates; hence, your alternatives are virtually unlimited.
  • To identify errors or exploitation, you’ll also need to collect and authenticate digitally signed install notifications from each media partner, possibly directly or through a vendor.
  • The next stage in data analysis is gathering statistics and reporting. Although the SKAdNetwork API has a limited amount of data and IDs, it’s not impossible to use it. Apple’s API has several ways in which intelligent code might help you maximize its potential.
  • Intelligent parameter selection can assist in refinement and post-installation evaluations. With just 64 conversion values, it’s not simple to encode a lot of data. But if you have the know-how, you can. If you wish to assign and alter these values automatically without needing specific technical work, you’ll need software to keep these values and connect them to your reports.

Marketing professionals need to be ready to work around the SKAdNetwork’s current deficiencies and prepare for a new transitory marketing landscape while continually evolving to fix them.

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