Sj alfaaz  rise to success

Sourabh Jain (born 25 November 2001), known by his professional name, Sj Alfaaz, is an Indian music producer, composer, rapper, and lyricist. He started out as a session and recording artist and became a rapper and hip-hop artist. Later, he got success with his music and started making songs for his independent music videos. He began his career in rap in 2017. He started to gain popularity after the release of his song Maa and Kalam (2020). He broke through with the release of his song Kalam.

He started writing his own material after a show at his school when he realised that although the audience liked the way he rapped, very few could understand or really connect to the lyrics.

“There’s no point if people don’t get the message,” he says. “When I realised that, I started writing in Hindi and English.” Sj Alfaaz’s upcoming track, ‘School Wale Din,’ Focuses on school life, how he enjoyed his life in school before ‘Covid-19’ and trying to deliver a short message to youth.

 He says, Rap is an interesting medium to reach out to more people, and he says he’ll never stop experimenting with new techniques.

He collaborated with – kalacar for his second music video titled KALAM! The video garnered a lot of fame from Sj Alfaaz.

Sj Alfaaz even collaborated with established Rapper Brown Boy Sangeet for a music video titled ‘Infamous.’ The music video won many hearts on Youtube and other platforms and garnered a lot of publicity for the duo.

SJ ALFAAZ gives credit to his family for what he is today. Without their contribution, it would be impossible for him to achieve such heights in his career at a very young age.

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