SINGLE CLIQ – Unique Business with zero inventory & Zero Risk on Finger Touch

After the corona Pandemic, every small business owner needs a risk-free business and customers need everything on their fingers touch. To solve this problem, Mr. Nayan Kumar Patel started “Single CliQ.” Single CliQ is a Venture of Next Level Corporation, and its headquarter is in Gujarat, India.

Single CliQ is an advance digital platform to benefit the vendor’s through inter-exchange of business or creating new business opportunities at a minimum cost with zero inventories. 

Next Level Corporation is India’s Leading Product sales and service provider, which generates a human network of sales for all categories of businesses and vendors with zero upfront cost where these businesses have to pay commission only on successful sales, with the added advantage of a discount/cash back/reward/vouchers for all their customers. So we solve the biggest problem of expansion and sales for these businesses with zero upfront cost. 

These businesses/vendors can also sell their products and services through our one-stop digital and physical platform called Single CliQ Shoppee. Thus, creating a digital distribution network integrated with human intellect where these Shoppee owners promote the products of these businesses and vendors. It becomes interexchange of business between various types of vendors, be it small or large, online or offline, irrespective of their location, their primary business etc. 

Single CliQ-Next Level Corporation is expanding its business in Every Pincode of India through establish of Channel Partner Network. More than 100 channel partners are working with Single CliQ and AIM to appoint 5000 channel partners by ending of 2022. 

Consequently, to connect all the categories of vendors like e-commerce, national brands, retailers, wholesalers, local vendors etc. with the customer, we have innovated platform called Single CliQ Shoppee where products of these businesses and vendors will be sold by anyone to his customer to earn incentives, which makes it the biggest interexchange of business in the world. 

We believe in inclusive growth, and our endeavour is to create an entrepreneurial network and more than 25,000 such successful entrepreneurs. What we have are the assets of the organization bringing change with a smile in the life of people.

At Single CliQ, our endeavour is to master the implementation of projects as the time has come to venture out from the Pilot Projects mode to the performance of an advance digital platform for the benefit of citizens at large.

Single CliQ is providing GUARANTEED CASHBACK/REWARDS on every purchase or service used by customers:

Random Pick Process:

In this, the system will randomly pick a UPV from the pool for any given slab /amount of cashback, but there will be a guarantee of every Purchase Value getting the cashback/reward from a minimum of 1% to 100% in a month. 

My Network Cashback:

Under this cashback, the user has to refer his/her friends or relatives and can earn up to 1 Crore as a cashback in SQ wallet as per Purchase Value. 


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