Sahil Jain is a renowned memory trainer and motivational speaker. Sahil Started his journey at a very young age of 15. Facing a lot of hardships and failures Sahil climbed the ladder with his dedication and hardwork. The burning desire within him was much stronger than the challenges in the journey, which has landed Sahil in the place where he is today.

Sahil’s father is a businessman and has always been his biggest support system, there were times where Sahil felt he was a failure. No people come to webinars, a loss of 80 thousand rupees and a lot of guilt of losing that money but his father always supported and said “Koi bat nahi tu laga reh. I am with you” after a struggle of 2 years, today Sahil has achieved various milestones and continues to climb the ladder of success.

Today after thousands of failures, Sahil has trained more than 2 thousand students to study faster. He has dedicated his life to understand and unleash his true potential and capabilities and also helps thousands of people to do the same.

For his passion and dedication to work hard, Sahil has inspired thousands of other Sahils. For his commendable and inspirational journey he has been awarded The Nations Icon Award for the year 2022. Let us all wish him luck for his future.

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