If you’re out on a Saturday night in Kolkata , you have to watch for the Ritzzze nights . Especially when you see ROXY as the venue. 

Ritzzze explains his story ” ROXY is one of Kolkata’s iconic nightclub and I started performing here in 2019 . Subho Da ( Subhajit Chakraborty) called me one day and the next thing I know , I’m doing a monthly session at this place . He is PROBABLY the  BEST CLUB MANAGER I’ve worked for and I would do anything for him. He is probably one of the very few people who let’s me perform how I want and always hears me out with my ideas. You need more people like him who are supportive and want to always try something different. He supports all his artists and he personally has always backed me up and my style of music. You don’t really meet a boss who let’s you do your thing and there is ZERO pressure if there is any VIP guest in the building.  I think as an artist , creative freedom is prime important.  You have to allow your artists to do what they want and what music they play or are known for. Add to the amazing marketing the venue does. PARK HOTEL Kolkata has probably the best marketing & PR team and everyone promotes the events like its their own baby. I take this place as my extended family . Although I’m not an employee and I’m only a guest artist but I get MORE LOVE than others whenever I’ve come here. This is what all artists thrive for.” 

Before Covid , ROXY nights with Ritzzze would have a footfall of more than a thousand people but even after the pandemic it’s still going strong . Ritzzze says ” Well the pandemic (  Corona ) really did alotta damage to my gigs and shows. The club nights got limited and plus the fees also lessened . But luckily ROXY management respects the artists and DONOT compromise. Before the pandemic there was NO PLACE at the venue . It would be overly packed but then post pandemic all protocols are in place and they’re super strict on the capacity limits . It simply shows how proffesional the ROXY management is and how much everyone respects what they do.” 

What makes Ritzzze’s nights different ?

It’s the music.  It’s that simple . Ritzzze says ” My music is obviously different and I do work on my music on a daily basis. I do my homework and I sense the crowd just the way I have to. There is a constant upgrade in terms of sounds and style ” 

When is the next BIG NIGHT at ROXY ? 

9TH APRIL 2022 – Mark the date . Keep it in your calendar. Schedule it on your phone.Trust me you don’t have to miss it. 

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