Pure Elegance weaving beautiful stories for Indian-American Women.

Our identity is inextricably linked to our clothing. When we wake up in the morning, one of the first things that come to mind is what we want to wear. We consider how our clothes represent ourselves and how they influence how others perceive us. We look at clothes as a symbolic representation of people we love, places we love, and memories we want to cherish. This is precisely what Pure Elegance represents.

About the brand

Sudip and Parna Ghose founded Pure Elegance in 2014. Imagine yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colours as the greatest way to represent the brand. Imagine walking through a field of flowers that feel like the finest fabrics. Imagine stepping into an art gallery and simply draping the most beautiful painting on yourself. Imagine all of these elements, and you’ll get a sense of what Pure Elegance is.

Pure Elegance has captivated Indian women in the United States for over a decade, making it the leading brand for Indian designer clothing. It is reviving interest in Indian fabrics, embroideries, patterns, prints, and motifs in addition to reimagining traditional Indian weaves like Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Patola, Ikkat, Tussar, and Chanderi silk sarees and reinventing age-old designs of salwar kameez, lehenga choli, anarkali suits, designer saree blouses, Indian gowns, and Indian women’s dresses.

Different ways of styling Indian wear for Indian-American women

Global desi trends and variances can highlight two cultures that are such an important and integral aspect of women’s identity. Traditional Banarasi sarees, as well as stunning handcrafted custom made-dresses, are among the many clothing alternatives available. Pure Elegance’s Indian clothing can be styled in a number of different ways. The assortment of modern co-ord sets, which come in a variety of colours and styles, is proof of that. With designs that combine Indian and international tastes and trends, you can create some of the most beautiful looks for yourself.

Brand’s collection

Pure Elegance is a brand that takes the expression “jack of all trades, master of none” and turns it on its head. As it is a clothing brand that focuses on a wide range of clothing, every piece of clothing they design is of the same high quality, expert design, and excellent handiwork. The brand’s motto is to prioritise consumer demands and preferences over all else.

The brand’s selection includes specialised Anarkali, Salwar Kameez, Banarasi Sarees, and much more. It features suits and various types of dresses in a more American sense. This combination of Indian and Western clothes shows the perfect Indian-American identity that should be brilliantly displayed. This incredible brand is recognised for creating exquisite and intricate pieces, particularly for unique and momentous occasions such as weddings.

Pure Elegance is a brand created for you, your personality, and a brand you can rely on in every situation. Pure Elegance awakens the perfect piece of home in each of us, and it does so by bringing its beautiful collections and designs to light.

Website: http://www.pure-elegance.com/  

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