Do you think if you are physically fit then it’s not necessary to take care of your mental well-being? What actually is physically well -being and how it is connected to physically well-being? There are lot of questions comes in our mind when we think physical well- being is not related to mental well- being. Let us know more about it in details.

What is physical well-being? What do you totally understand when you say someone is physically fit? Physical well-being in actual is absence of disease. But not just absence of disease in physical well-being but many other factors also include in physical well-being. The factors that affect physical well-being are lifestyle, exercise, good diet and many other such things. The imbalance in any of the factor causes disturbance in physical well-being. Research from 2014 has said not more than 40 percent people across the world are physically fit. This means that nearly 60 percent people across the globe are not fit and needed help from health industry.  Physical well-being consists of the ability to perform physical activities and carry out social roles that are not hindered by physical limitations and experiences of bodily pain, and biological health indicators. Physical well-being is so important that in the absence of it no one can perform the daily task of their life. That’s why to remain physically fit daily exercise and good diet is very important as it will help to remain fit and healthy and perform daily task of life more efficiently. There is so much information is online websites ways of remaining physically fit but they are not the reliable ways. You can trust them that whatever they are saying are true and will not harm your body. So, choose wisely whenever you read anything about it.

So now that we know so much about physical well-being now it’s turn to know about mental well-being. According to WHO mental well-being is overall well-being of human. This means that mental well-being includes well-being of mind as well as well-being of physical health. After COVID hits the country the health of mental well-being started to be care of. According to a report published by WHO nearly 7.5 percent of Indian suffers from mental disorders and also says that by the end of the century there will be increase of more than 20 percent of mental disorders in the country. 50 million people suffers from depression and anxiety which indicates bad mental health in the country. The rate of suicide per year across the globe is 36.6 percent which is because of bad mental well-being and not taking care of it.

So how actually we take care of mental health? How is mental and physical well-being related? In actual terms physical and mental well-being is totally related. If there is no mental well-being then you is not having physical well-being as well. Just going to gym and doing exercises is not enough to say that you are totally fit. The social determinants of health impact both chronic physical conditions and mental health. Key aspects of prevention include increasing physical activity, access to nutritious food. This creates opportunities to enhance protective factors and reduce risk factors related to aspects of mental and physical health. Knowing the links between mind and body is the first step in developing strategies to reduce the incidence of co-existing conditions and support those already living with mental illnesses and chronic physical bad health issues. 

So now that we know so much about mental well-being and physical well-being and its relation with one another it is very important to know that how do we remain fit. The answer to it is the genetic profiling and personalized nutrition and the only place you can trust for it is Nutrillion. Nutrillion helps you to remain your physical and mental well-being fit by working on the root cause of any disease and making personalized nutrition. So, if you want to remain healthy contact Nutrillion now.

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