Payloud Technology has launched the first payment soundbox that announces payment for almost all QR codes.

While safety and social distancing are rising during the pandemic, India is also rapidly moving towards digitization. To aid the needs of various small businesses in taking a step towards digital India, Payloud Technology Private Limited has announced the launch of the first of its kind payment sound box system.

Payloud Technology Private Limited is a newly formed startup led by Ajay Rana (Co-founder & CEO) and Sholat Ali (Co-founder & Creative head), with a vision and mission for innovation and bring comfort for all business owners. 

Their talented team has developed an attractive solution for all small and big business owners who accept or are thinking of buying online payments from customers to make business smoother. 

This technology, “Payloud Box,” as they name it, is a media device that announces payment receipt notifications in clear and loud voices! Its ability to integrate with all primary payment sources or any QR code through a single system makes it a real game-changer in the soundbox market.

Payloud Box is a portable speaker with a sleek & compact design, not dependent on any single payment app/mode or QR code. While most major payment sound boxes support only a single app or single payment source/QR code, Payloud Box supports almost all payment sources, including but not limited to BharatPe, PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM and others. 

So the customer walks in, makes a purchase, pays online, and Payload Box notifies both you and the customer almost in a fraction of a second, eliminating the need for you to open multiple apps and check whether you received payment while the customer waits. This enables you to give your full attention to your customer and is a big help in maintaining social distancing. You need not touch your cell phone multiple times, thus getting a slight relief from the pandemic spread.

Another great reason it has gained so much popularity is its battery backup of 800 mAh, which is massive and can work a full day with just a single charge in a day.

If these features are attractive enough for you, here’s how it solves another common problem of many business people. Recently, there has been an increase in reported frauds where fake screenshots are shown to merchants during rush hours. With the Payloud box, the chance of getting cheated comes next to zero because the system loudly notifies the confirmation only after “successful receipt” in your account along with the receipt amount, and that too instantly, working 24 hours. So scammers can no longer get away with partial or no payments, and you get assurance of complete payment.

To sum it up, the Key features of the Payloud box include:

✓ Instant audio payment confirmation on receipt from any QR code or via any mode

✓ No requirement of any extra sim card

✓ It is bilingual and supports Hindi & English for a start

✓ Keeps a consolidated record of past successful transactions for your future reference in its app

✓ Great power backup with 800mAh battery

✓ Easy to install with an android app available on the play store

✓ It also acts as a sound system for playing music or any voice media

✓ 24 hours payments count without any transaction limit

✓ 100% secure as it does not store any information

✓ Zero installation &/or cancellation fee along with no subscription charges for 18 months

✓ Comes with a replacement warranty for six months from the purchase date.

Let’s check out how it works: 

To get started, all you need to do is switch on your Payloud box, which comes with a light indicator, and connect it with the Payloud android app, which can be downloaded from Google Playstore. You only need to set it up once. Yes, that is simple and easy to install!

While the soundbox announces your payments, the app keeps a record of all your receipts. You do not have to go through different apps to reconcile your expenses at the end of the day. It eliminates the hassle and frustration of dealing with multiple systems as ALL your transactions get consolidated in just one app! You can also customize your profile or change the language of your voice notification from the app itself.

Check out this demo video to see how it works.

I was wondering how to get it?

Payloud technology has announced its launch with a 50% discount on its one-time pricing plan. You can get it for 999/- ONLY!! Get yours before the offer ends. You can order directly from www.

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