New ways of creating and selling in the digital art world, Let’s talk with Erik Halilaj from Albania

Erik Halilaj is a 3D Artist from Albania. His popularity start since 2020 with the release of his funny collection of SpongeBob. He is currently working with a big project who he start it since 2021, he is also working with some artists from Albania.

This is his interview.

What are some of your proudest artworks or projects so far?

I loved working on these artworks (see below) as it was so much fun experimenting with bright and vivid colours!

What advice would you pass along to a budding artist?That it is a marathon, not a sprint!

It takes years to develop your art, make connections and figure out the best way to make a comfortable living while making art.

Be consistent with the work, have a good work ethic, and learn to be resourceful.There will be lots of hardships and challenges, especially in the beginning.

But you’ll get better at it, and once you’ve found a good rhythm, the work will flow, the income will flow, and soon you’ll be living your dream.

Tell us what you do as an artist?

I work as a designer and 3D Artist. During my spare time, I enjoy working on personal art pieces using photography, motion graphics,and 3D animation as a way to chill and refresh.

What does art mean to youArt is a personal space for me to explore and create purely from feeling, without limitations. It has also given me so many opportunities to grow and learn new techniques for my work.

What do you think of the present and future of the art scene in Albania?

The talk of the town seems to be moving towards NFTs in the international scene. Although it is still a relatively new concept, I feel it gives a lot of opportunities for Albanian artists and their works to be known overseas.

The New innovative 3D NFT Art Collection, “do not lose your heart”, Will be a turning Point in NFT World

The new “do not lose your heart” NFTs are a collection of 101 NFTs of a rare 3D art collection that is all provably unique, evenly distributed, and simple, with the goal of community building and becoming a powerful NFT where “do not lose your heart” will collaborate with premium brands to create merchandise or collectibles available in the market. The “do not lose your heart” team created their simple and creative NFTs aiming at the NFT marketplace.

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