New mobile application which is focused on therapeutic Travel and Social Connect.

Meet Aditi Puri – Co Founder and CEO of Onwayz who has built her career in Mumbai and Pune as Head of Human Resources, Associate Director for media projects, Specialised in Celebrity Management, Line Production, Pre and Post Production.She has been associated with top corporates and brands in Media,  IT and Telecom Industry.

Having more than 15 Years of experience, She has been  Head of Human Resources In Kserasera Productions Pvt Ltd, Executive Director in Go Bananas Pvt.Ltd ,Has worked on projects with Miraj Group, Kumar Gaurav Productions, Sanjay Dutt Productions.

She has well established her caliber and position in the industry and is well known for her integrity towards her Organisation, Intelligence, Creativity and Business Acumen. A perfect person for  Planning ,Implementing and Executing all media related tasks. With a detailed acumen in Human Resources she can very well overcome all the challenges in extreme situations.

She believes in !! GOD- WHO IS SUCESS !!!!

About Onwayz:

ONWAYZ is a geotag social media app that is set to change communication and human connectivity, it will 

Improve Travel experience 

Match Humans & Occasions, Reduce Problems & Destruction Magnify Fun & Entertainment

Provide Easy Scheduler, Instant status update & offline business opportunities, it will even provide the most appropriate experience for you after evaluating your preferences.    

Apps Mission is to assist people in forging connectivity’s with friends or strangers who will be crucial in your life’s journey . 

The vision is to promote overall positive vibes all around because they don’t want users to settle for anything because they deserve the best. Also, their philosophy is to focus on excellence,

The App has multiple Features

The first and integral part of app is the user profile. Tell us about yourself, what do you like or dislike, etc. Express your real self, because then you will be friends with the person you desire the most.    

Upload photos  

Provide your real images, so people can see who you actually are. Providing a seamless interface, and the process of uploading photos has never become easier.    


This is a window through which you can get to know your friend, stranger . You can have a thorough chat and see if your personality matches or you need to keep looking further. Of course, it always protect the privacy of users while chatting or using the app.      


These stickers can depict your mood and add a splash of color and goofiness to your profile. You can use them on your images or while you are chatting. We have a plethora of stickers for you to choose from, so go ahead.  

Geolocation tagging

This feature allows users to geotag their location while posting content, images, thus allowing people to see those places where you have been to.  

Find people

You have set your profile, your preferences and uploaded your photos. Now, you need to check out the profile of people we think will be the best fit for you. However, it’s you who would have to make a decision. If you want to learn more about a person, type in the name, and search.


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