Nadeer: The man who links business with technology 

Entrepreneurship is tough, and roadblocks are common to every business. Professionals in IT usually have extensive experience in their respective fields but lack business skills. It is rare to find people who tackle both. Here is why young and talented Nadeer, who has fifteen years of experience, sets himself apart from other entrepreneurs. He understands the connection between business and technology very well and has built his empire from scratch with his entire heart, soul, and strength. He has proven himself in a variety of IT areas, including web development and technology packages. 

He is an academician of mathematics and computer science, which is quite a remarkable accomplishment in IT entrepreneurship, and an expert in algorithms, mobile applications, or software in general. 

In his field of expertise, he has handled a wide range of government projects, including the technology output, deemed excellent. Nadeer has trained several business owners and IT professionals in the role of a trainer, especially in the Middle East and India. 

The central tenets of his business philosophy also pertain to proper management. He firmly believes that a happy workplace would result in more productive employees. 

Nadeer -SIGN IN’s CTO adds that the business landscape is constantly changing. The old companies are getting expanded, while the new ones are making their presence known. Therefore, it is extremely imperative to stay current and well-planned if you wish to succeed in the market. 

Artificial Intelligence plays an undeniable role in business today, he states. He strongly implies that AI can be effective only if humans are involved. The attitude of being open to new options and willingness to accept them wherever they may be. It is wise to try whenever possible. Moving simultaneously with change can be difficult. 

Digital transformation is not just about creating a website; it is about getting to know or understanding what exactly our business or industry is and how to evaluate it and create a business plan based on the behaviour of our customers. 

In the era of smartphones, mobile applications play an increasingly significant role in business enhancement. Furthermore, it is possible to collect different data types, such as the location they visit and which category they choose. Based on the usage patterns in each region, these data can be analysed more precisely, and a data analytics report can be created. 

Moreover, mobile apps are more user-friendly than desktop applications and allow us to communicate with customers at their convenience to share with us continuously. 

In the small and medium business sector, the importance of e-commerce or the use of technology is not adequately understood. Their notion is that technology is only relevant to large enterprises. Small and mid-sized businesses should be aware of the benefits of e-commerce. They can save time generating profits, be more consistent and accurate with their results, and realize growth within their organizations, company products, payments, and payment collection. Technology makes change possible. 

Despite the fast pace of today’s world, people still believe direct trading is the most efficient system. This is because they can analyse buyers by watching them when they come to make purchases. However, this shockingly doesn’t seem right. As e-commerce continues to grow, we should consider online sales a mainstay of our future since artificial intelligence (AI) enables us to identify consumers’ preferences by analysing their purchase habits. 

In his opinion, technology is a necessary evil that needs to be used correctly. People often choose less-than-stellar e-commerce platforms on the assumption that they are cost-effective, but they lose their brand names and customers over time. Hence, it is very crucial to use it effectively and wisely. 

Our government helps the downtrodden people, legal and health professionals by training and developing their skills. Similarly, the government should provide such programmes or initiations for entrepreneurs so that online activities, such as paying taxes, would become transparent as possible, and they could receive bank settlement benefits. 

“In order to be successful in the long run, one should be devoted in their planning towards their plan and execution and an eagerness to learn about the latest trends and initiatives. I always follow that”, he added. A cheerful smile spreads across Mr Nadeer’s face as he observes the possibilities this world holds for future generations. Don’t let any new challenge get in the way of your ambitions, as it does shape your character in the long run. Finally, he reiterated that all the work you do now would eventually lead to your win in the future. 

Embrace all challenges that comes your way and it does shape who you are in the long haul.” 


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