My Secret Bookshelf Recommends Books To Read This Monsoon:

 My Secret Bookshelf has curated this handpicked compilation of book recommendations for the monsoons. So get ready to soak in the worlds of stories that you are yet to discover as you hear  thunder outside!

1)Dead People’s Town by Siddharth Karwan

Genre: Horror

At the Lord Erwin Memorial Hospital in Raisingh Garh, an unauthorized drug trial on terminally ill cancer patients has gone horribly wrong.  Patients are not humans anymore. They have turned into a ferocious breed of predators, hungry for blood and gore. The madness is not restricted to just patients but is spreading like fire. Everyone is falling prey to it. Since the hospital has been digitally locked down and there is nowhere to escape, the few survivors trapped inside are facing a nightmare like situation. Will they be able to escape the undead or become one of them? 

2)The Life and Times of a Common Man by Sanjay Chandra

Genre: Autobiography

He was born in a middle-class family in small-town India of the late fifties. His parents chose for him the direction that his life should take. Yet, something was lacking. 

Was this the path that he was meant to walk? 

3)The Paintbrush by Krishnasish Jana

Genre: Drama

What is the exact measure of sorrow that can actually break an artist? Growing up in a slum in one of the neglected corners of Bhalar, Raman is the gifted kid whose fingers can weave magic on paper. One night, with his mother’s help, he escapes from the hell hole and starts a new life, just like a new sketch, in a town far away. He starts building his little home, burying the old one, the darker one, under its bricks. He is finally free. But he is too young to know that fate never runs out of ugly surprises. 

4)A Garage Sale of Lovelorn Things by Shrutee Choudhary

Genre: Poetry

A Garage Sale of Lovelorn Things is a collection of a poems based on the theme of heartbreak, healing and eventually, letting go. If you could spill your entire house out in the backyard, how many trinkets of memories would you really take back inside? 

5)One Invisible Code: An Uncommon Formula To Breakthrough Mediocrity & Rise to the Next Level by Sharat Sharma

Genre: Personal Transformation/Self Help

Every inspiring story has 3 things in common, a dreamer, their struggle, and their victory. The book is dedicated to the dreamer in you. The ‘One’ Invisible Code is a story of one such dreamer who is struggling and how his mentor helps him to finally achieve victory. The book instills in the reader  spirit to fight back, to never lose calm in  face of calamity, and to not lose  vision of the goal. The book not only helps you identify with this dreamer in you but also helps you connect the dots between your dreams and your abilities to achieve your dreams. 

6)Mutual Funds – A powerful investment avenue of individuals by R K Mohapatra

Genre: Finance

Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals is an awardwinning book, written by financial expert R K Mohapatra, GM/Finance of IRCON,an excellent guide for investors and reader who are looking for a deeper understan-ding of mutual funds, their risk & returns and the benefits of investing in mutual funds.  The book offers a holistic view of wealth creation and elaborate practical advice with an in-depth analytical study of equity and mutual funds.

7) Everything and Nothing by Nilotpal Dutta

Genre: Historical Fiction

In the aftermath of the Noakhali riots, a young Damyanti flees her beloved Bengal to take shelter in an emerging India after partition. Her dreams of a home and flourishing life in Dacca shattered, she strives to forget her past and build anew for herself and her family. Her life blooms with her children and the community she builds around her in Patna, until the Emergency, the Khalistan Movement and Mandal Commission threaten to disturb it all and once again take away what Damyanti has so lovingly nurtured. The Ram Mandir agitation is the last straw. Determined to not succumb to the pressures of a hostile communal environment, Damyanti decides to combat her overwhelming guilt for the lack of strength and a failed sense of judgement and redeem all past wrongs by helping right her grandson’s life.

8)Heir: Dawn of Deception by Naseha Sameen

Genre: Erotic Political Thriller

What does the future hold for Roop; the Queen who cared more for the Crown than her love? How did Tamira who lurked in the shadows change Padmakishori?
What did the soothsayer see in the river of future? Will Virsa ever forget his first love? Will Uday ever give Padmakishori the love she deserved? Will history get repeated with Devdan? And what would Padmakishori,  princess of 16 years was married off to a man older than her father but a powerful king to give both the kingdom of Jodhgarh and Garvpundir an heir, do?Trapped in a loveless marriage, how will she change the fate written for her? 

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