Meet Shanu Kumar, Youngest Brand Builder, Helping Struggling Businesses Build their Personal Brand and Grow Their Social Media.

Shanu Kumar, the Founder of Xoopic Media and India’s Youngest Brand Builder, has immersed himself in the field of digital space. He was drawn to the digital world from the start, noticing the industry’s growth and realizing how important it was to establish Personal Brand and expand social media in order to help struggling businesses build their personal brand and grow their social media.

This inspired him to become the successful social media and digital marketer he is today, assisting many brands in building their social media.

The more we talk about how aspiring entrepreneurs are making their impact in the digital marketing business, the less it appears that they are being talked about. This is because all of these young geniuses go above typical commercial frameworks, outperforming everyone else in the field with their ingenuity and impressive abilities.

Shanu Kumar, a digital entrepreneur and Youngest Brand Builder from Madhubani, Bihar, is at the top of the list.

Shanu Kumar specialises in managing their clients’ personal brands and Google presence. The company is currently on track to make over $0.5 million in sales this year, all while assisting other entrepreneurs in developing their personal brand and expanding their reach through their unrivalled services.

Shanu Kumar proudly stated that their clients are expected to meet their objectives by the end of 2022, a phenomenal achievement that others can only dream of.

The youngest brand builder, Shanu Kumar, ensures that his clients stand out from the rest of the competitors in the crowded field of digital marketing by offering solutions that are unmatched. The business thrives on the obligation of expanding its markets and attracting more customers online. Due to their dedication, Shanu Kumar has consistently surpassed client expectations and earned the trust of its clients, who are confident in referring their services to others in the industry.

“We offer some of the industry’s most affordable services and can onboard new clients in as little as three days.We also have a contract with a 12-month ROI guarantee.” – Shanu kumar says.

This 20-year-old entrepreneur’s confidence and belief let him build his own place in the digital world and serve as an inspiration to many other Indian youths.

Shanu Kumar has created an individual successful route for himself to produce more such successful feats in his life by fusing his capabilities of creativity and innovation in digital marketing with his love and enthusiasm for his profession.

Shanu Kumar, the youngest brand builder is passionate about assisting struggling companies in developing and growing their social media presence.

He urges all firms to enhance their digital platforms since they provide a plethora of revenue opportunities. With his talents for helping websites rank better, he has improved his game as an SEO Expert. They are determinedly moving forward to inspire more growth for the companies his firm takes under.

The 20-year-old digital entrepreneur is looking forward to accomplishing many more business milestones and expanding his company’s portfolio.

Till then follow him on Instagram @_shanu.kr_


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