La Glacé is Offering Mouth Watering Ice cream Flavours 

In the scorching heat of summers, a scoop of ice cream is reliving. La Glancé is an ice cream brand based in Mumbai. La Glacé was launched by Amar Chheda in October 2021 with the aim to provide ice creams and desserts at very affordable prices. La Glacé is a French word that translates to The Ice in English. 

Belonging to the business background, Amar’s family has been engaged with the retailing business for years, and Amar, by incepting La Glacé, took his family’s legacy ahead. Amar is himself an ice cream enthusiast and a globetrotter. He has travelled widely, and during his travels, he observed businesses and retailers. He observed and learnt things from everywhere, especially while travelling, which led to the establishment of the first Archies Gallery Store in Mumbai. The store did exceptionally well, and it was soon the most preferred gift station. Over the period of time, it gained immense popularity in the region, setting benchmarks for cards and gifts.

But with the development of technology and the evolution of the world, the hardcover cards were gradually being replaced by e-cards and social media messages. The business that started fluctuating soon after was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic when the country went under lockdown, and that was when tables turned for Amar. He researched, observed and analysed the market and came up with a plan that was mouth-watering.

After going through lockdown, Amar was keen to start an Ice cream business, and once he set his foot in this market, there was no turning back. La Glacé is known for providing the best-frozen ice creams and desserts, cakes and faloodas in Mumbai at Eros Theatre Building, Churchgate in Mumbai. It has made a distinguished name in the ice cream and dessert market, serving best to the customers. It delivers premium quality ice creams to the people.

La Glacé serves various types and variety of ice creams, falooda, cakes and desserts to the people, that include;

  • Fruit Desert
  • Oreo Ice Cream
  • Frappuccino Big
  • Assorted Ice Creams
  • Mithai
  • Freakshakes

Their unique Smokehouse

Smokehouse is an artisanal ice creamery hand-crafting richly textured, locally sourced, and chef-inspired ice cream. It is made up of using quality ingredients to make guilt-free desserts. One cannot go ahead without tasting La Glacé’s. Smokehouse. Currently, Smokehouse is the most selling ice cream of the La Glacé.

After the lockdown was over, he connected various manufacturers, distributors and various makers. He brainstormed ideas and thoughts La Glacé was set up. After many sleepless nights and tired days, Amar finally established La Glacé.

Situated in one most compelling areas of Mumbai near the Churchgate station and bang across the upcoming Churchgate Metro station and in Eros. La Glacé is primarily an ice cream boutique and dessert café, which give the essence of purity and taste with every time. Enjoying every scoop of ice cream, ice cream lovers cannot fail to fall in love with it.

A user on Instagram said,

This is an incredible ice cream. A delightful treat to taste buds.”

The comments, reviews and love of the people have made La Glacé a successful brand. This has only been possible because of its quality and taste. 

Ice cream is for everyone. It is health-conscious to lovers. Everyone can enjoy ice cream without worrying about their health. They are offering a wide variety of ice creams that includes sessional favourites, customised ice creams, and the list of ice creams goes on and on. 

Amar plans to expand his business by including all kinds of high-quality, healthy ice creams, like protein, vegan and sugar-free ice creams. He further says, “La Glacé aims to become the most preferred ice cream and dessert destination. We wish to establish limited edition dessert cafés in various cities.”

To know more about La Glacé and taste the best ice cream, shakes and desserts, visit;

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