‘Jab Tak Todenge Nahin, Tab Tak Chodenge Nahin’ Is what Vipul Ratnam Believes In

Becoming a first-generation entrepreneur is a challenging task, but people do it. We have examples of people who started from nothing and today have built an organization with sheer dedication and hard work. One of the names in this is of Vipul Ratnam. 

Vipul Ratnam proved that consistency is the key to successful entrepreneurship. His unstoppable efforts and enthusiasm have built a successful business in Kota. He has successfully established two enterprises.

He came to Kota in 2013-14 for the same reason lacs come to Kota every year, even today— to prepare for the JEE examination. After he starts his preparation, he realizes that he is not meant for engineering and would do something different. During the journey of self-realization, he discovered that his interest lies in Entrepreneurship. Post-realization, he started looking more into the subject of entrepreneurship. He recalls, “I thought I achieved what I have today through this way, but today I don’t, and I won’t recommend budding entrepreneurs this path.”

During this time, he was still in Kota, and he started looking for problems around him for an idea. Soon he realized that students in Kota are solely dependent on public transportation, and there is no other way for them. He then decided to launch Joy Riders, a two-wheeler rental service, especially for students of Kota. He himself is a motorcycle enthusiast, and he turned his passion into a profession. Turning to this path and leaving IIT-JEE examinations to build these organizations, Vipul has come a long way.

In October 2017, Joy Riders officially came into existence. Joy Riders slowly became the hub of students where they would come on weekends or during the times when they needed a break. They would hire a bike and go out exploring Kota. Joy Riders had more than 40 plus two-wheelers ranging from 100cc scooters to 650cc high-end cruiser bikes. They slowly covered all the three-prime locations of Kota, namely— City Mall, Landmark and Talwandi. As the business grew and came to its peak in 2020, the lockdown was announced, and Kota was no longer filled with students but was deserted. No students were left in the city, and services that were offered by Joy Rides came to an unfortunate stop. 

When the lockdown was announced like everything, this also stopped and Vipul was left with no source of income. The only source of income for Vipul now had stopped. He was devastated. But his never giving attitude. Vipul says, “Jab tak todenge nahin, tab tak chodenge nahin”, which in English translates to I won’t stop until I make it. Due to this attitude, he started something that he had never thought of— Blockchain Technology.

During the lockdown, Vipul’s interest in Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets slowly started his own Research and Development of the same for the initial six months. He saw there was scope in it, and with proper knowledge and know-how, he started investing in digital assets in the year 2021. It; was a profitable investing cycle, and therefore, he started mining. He is a self-made businessman who has made it to the top of the pyramid.

Mining Digital Assets is a difficult task, and while Vipul started it, he saw various difficulties. In the initial phase, there was no reliable and trusted platform that would take care of all the work related to mining. To put it in the words of Vipul, “There was no trusted platform to start our mining process and this was the biggest problem.” Seeing the problem that he was facing, he decided to launch a platform where each and everything would be done by the platform. That was how Fintech Factory came into existence.

Fintech Factory has been recently incepted in 2022 with the mission to provide all the services at one stop and fulfilling all the Blockchain Mining Requirements. He says, “I faced a lot of problems while I was starting out. There was nothing that could meet all my blockchain requirements. To make sure that nobody faces the problems that I faced Fintech Factory was launched.”

Fintech Factory aims to provide all the services under one stop without having to go here and there and waste energy. 

After two years, the new normal came into being, and Joy Riders restarted its business with the help of students. Because of their support Joy Riders is back again to serve the community of Kota students, and students are also ready to explore Kota. They are currently also planning to operate in Jaipur.

The team of wonderful 15 individuals is currently working on the project and is keenly serving society in the way they can, be it through Joy Riders or Fintech Factory.

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