“Is there anything beyond what we see?” – A spiritual evening with Chandrayee.

“Yes. Definitely. There are many aspects beyond what we see because our five senses are quite limited. We cannot see, hear or feel beyond a certain wavelength, and everything else is out of that range,” said Chandrayee, a psycho-spiritual mentor who helps people understand the spiritual aspect of their lives. She is also a renowned spiritual symbolism reader who opts to decipher intuitive signs and predicts the future probabilities through Tarot Cards, Runes and other spiritual tools. She had numerous clients all over the globe.

How does Tarot card reading work?

“Energy can travel anywhere in any form and in any dimension. By heightening our senses we can connect ourselves with the energy sources beyond our limitations. It’s all in the subconscious mind which remains hidden most of our lives.This notion has been scientifically approved as well.”

How to understand if I have a heightened sense?

“People who are born with their senses heightened than others can feel this energy with much more sensitivity. Just like some people are more intelligent than others, in the same way they can also be more intuitive and sensitive than others. Most of the times they are labelled as odd, weak, sentimental, different and much more. These people are having something which is pretty uncommon even in today’s world and that is called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). ESP is generally known as ‘sixth sense’ in common terms. It comes with a developed intuition and capability to feel beyond normal senses. They are often known as psychics because they can understand things others can’t and many times they can predict the future accurately. Science has failed to give any reasons to these occurrences.” Chandrayee added. 

Who are psychics? Do they really exist?

“Psychic people are gifted and they can look beyond general perception to understand the signs and symbols present all around us. This in return helps them to identify events that can happen in future probability. There are many forms of psychic readings like Tarot card reading, Runes reading, Wax reading, Crystal ball gazing, Psychic Vision reading and much more. Please note that these are completely different from Astrology as that is a pseudoscience based on large amount of survey and studies.”

Can anybody decipher and predict through Tarot cards?

“ A single Tarot card can give thousand different meanings in every different reading. It can never be the same. The same card which is positive for one can be negative for other and that all depends on the perception of the psychic reader. Thus, it has always been a closed practice which means it has always been practised by a limited group of people with heightened perception. My clients have often come out with expressions like, “OMG! How did you say that!”; even when they didn’t provide me with any information related to the prediction I gave them. This is exactly what psychic perception is about.”

Can’t we develop psychic powers if we want?

“Even you can develop your psychic powers if you’re not born with them but it will take years of sadhana, meditation, spiritual studies and life changing events to achieve them. If you’re patient enough you’ll develop them. Also, please don’t think a single crash course can give you psychic abilities because it’s not possible.”

How did you come into this less known profession?

“I do client readings with passion and preference. Even after being a successful business person I chose spirituality above everything else and I love the expression of my clients when they go all healed and full of clarity from my tarot sessions.”

Where to find you?

“You can find our team on social media as ‘Chandrayee Chukrevarthy’ or ‘Tarot & Spirit with Chandrayee’ on any platform.

Here is a link to some reviews that my clients have given personally in our tarot sessions: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.182778367119600&type=3

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