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Mr Jassinder is a singer who was born and brought up in village Bhadarkali Una Himachal in a family of father Mr Piyara Singh and mother Mrs Joginder Kaur in 1982. He did his initial study in Himachal after he shifted to Banga village khan-khana to his grandparents in 2001. There, he learned ‘Dhol’ from his uncle. Afterwards, he started teaching Bhangra and dhol to school students. Many of his students got the first position in many significant events. He has discovered his internal singer after that and start working on it. He has made his debut in the ‘jind diwani’ album in collaboration with Ramesh Chouhan. He also started singing in small live events. He also played instruments with some famous singers like – “Kuldeep Manak, Geeta Zaildar, and many more. He has done various types of songs like devotional, romantic, Punjabi songs, and more.

He learnt how to respect others from his mother, who always taught him to respect others and have respect. He wants to give the message to all youth that if you want to have a successful life, then don’t go for the wrong things. Just focus on your goal and achieve it. In 2019 he completed his study in private after his financial condition stables. He has some famous tracks with brave arts and T-Series also. Many newspapers and many more articles are already published on social media and any other platforms about him you can also read it yes come from a middle-class family, and now he is a successful singer and doing many things just to make sure his parents are proud of him I also want to help other newcomers to achieve their goal with his experience he always stands who need help.

Some famous tracks are ‘kushtidangalsarsanagal’ with brave team art, ‘baldaan di jodi’, black heart, jaikara tere naam da, barat bhole naath di, nazar mehar di, real brother’s, maa ne pheera pouna, ankhi bande, dollor vs bebe bapu, my last love and many more. He has given his life to singing. He has also done many live events. You can easily follow him on Instagram and Facebook. 

If you need any type of support in the singing line, he always stands for you. His social media are managed by his friend and a worker of the brave art team, Mr Love Chahal. He always thanks his family and friends for everything. He is also working on a feature movie in the upcoming months. He is ready to release new tracks next month. Follow him with the below links.

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