IIM Ahmedabad- Selection Criteria/ Batch Profile

Decoding the IIMA dream

Now that the CAT 2022 IIMA results are out, we at CATKing have bagged nearly 35 students as per updates till now who have converted their IIMA calls. Well, just like these candidates you can also live your dream of being an IIMA alumni, too. Hence, we have decoded the selection criteria of IIMA intricately just so your goal seems more clear. In this article we shall cover common doubts like how many hours you need to study, where do you stand and if you are the right for this college or not. We shall discuss these doubts in action with three criteria i.e. your percentile score calculator, your work ex score calculator, your 10th / 12th mark sheet calculator. 

First of all, let us look into the Placement report (tentative):

Work- ex Vs Freshers

What should be your cut-off?

For this, first of all choose your academic category from this list:

Category A (AC1, AC5)- This is the easiest category as they come under weird category via       degree. Target- 90 %ile and above.

Category B (AC2)- This is the most difficult category. Target- 95 %ile and above.

Category C (AC3)- This category is the difficult one. Target- 98 %ile i.e. 45% marks.

Category D (AC4)- These category is engineering ones as most batch mates will be engineer. Target- 99.5 %ile or above. i.e. 50% of the paper.

Minimum CAT percentiles for All Categories-

The AR Score Calculation:

  • AR 1- This include 10th standard marks weightage distribution
  • AR 2- This include 11th standard marks weightage distribution
  • AR 3- This include your Graduation mark distribution

Monetary Plan for MBA: –

Now that you know your score and how it is calculated, assess your own score and then start your preparation to get into IIMA only. Number one has to be joining a coaching where you find value for money. You must Beg, Borrow, Steal if aiming for top business schools. 

There are 2 courses highly recommended by previous CATKing toppers currently sitting in top IIMs of the world:

8 months of CAT preparation mainly from April to November.CAT and non-cat preparation from April to next year April.
Expenditure: 10,000 INR for CAT forms + 20,000 INR coaching fees. Altogether, 30,000 INR.25,000 INR for CAT and NON-CAT forms + 25,000 for coaching. Altogether, 50,000 INR.
After November, we have Jan, Feb, March for GDPI, WAT and PI calls converting process.Oct- NMATNov- CATDec- IIFT, SNAP, MICATJan- XAT, TISSNETFeb- MICAT2, SNAP 2.March to April- GDPI, WAT PI, CDPI calls and converting process.
June- end of entrance Preparation and beginning of actual MBA journey.June- end of entrance Preparation and beginning of actual MBA journey.

Conclusion –

Your ball park goal should be 8/8/8 correct questions in each section and your life is good. Your goal has been made clear now you must turn the world upside down to achieve those dream. Lastly, take a course and prepare under some guidance or mentorship for a holistically preparation.

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