Humlaa Network is all Set to Launch its Own Application to Help Influencers

Humlaa Network was founded in 2017 by three brothers, Amul Thakur, Siddharth Thakur and Yatharth Thakur. Humlaa Network is a multi-marketing firm and is a one stop solution for all your needs that includes;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Managing artists and models
  • Managing Celebrities and popular influencers etc.
  • Handling all types of ads and promotions 
  • Casting Services

And a lot more.

Humlaa Network began its journey when three brother came together and started managing and handling celebrities, social media influencers and artists. It was the time when people were not very much aware about influencing. But they achieved various milestones and worked not only with Indian influencers but also with influencers abroad. Observing and analysing the scope this had in the country the three brothers though of upgrading it to next level and start a company, that was when Humlaa Network was established. 

The firm was established with the aim to meet every demand of influencer marketing and management. But as the firm was climbing up, it is now working actively in more than one field of influencer marketing and was only working with the brands and TV Commercials especially for content creation and branding. Slowly and steadily, they diversified their work from YouTube videos to TikTok, but after the ban of TikTok they started producing quality content on Instagram and it went viral like wild fire. The support and the love that is being showered on them is huge.

Humlaa Network now also works in casting of artists, models providing them opportunities to showcase their talent. It also works in content creation and helps small creators to grow with our social media growth strategy that is well researched, organic and authentic.

Humlaa is on mission to build a company where talented and interested people can easily find the opportunities based on their choice, such as; Acting, Modelling, Social Media Influencing, Film and Music Making, Film Production, Music Production, Video Production, Film & Music Distribution etc. A network where people connect and find what suits best for their needs. Humlaa’s core value s to provide opportunities to people without any hassle. 

They say, “We have seen people struggling in many fields, specifically in Bollywood, modelling, acting etc. This a field where it tough to get opportunities easily, irrespective of how talented one is, everyone struggles and suffer in their life and do many sacrifices, which is why we’re highly motivated to build our agency as a platform for the opportunities for talented and right people.”

The three brothers— Amul Thakur; Founder & CEO, Yatharth Thakur; Co-Founder & CFO, and Siddharth Thakur; COO & Managing Director are the people behind Humlaa as of date they have worked with more than 37 brands and have done over 7000 campaigns and are currently working with around 5000 influencers that includes celebrities, models etc. Some of the promotions done by Humlaa include Bollywood songs; Nadiyon Paar, Filhaal 2, Baarish ki Jaye, Panghat etc.

The company is working harder every day to make it a global leader and help influencers and provide them a right platform. Their aim is to find talented in influencer community and build a largest where influencers can get the opportunities without struggling. Humlaa Network wants to provide them a right platform to let them taste the success in their ways of influencing. They are also providing monthly fixed income to influencers making sure that they are financially stable and do not face any problems. The firm is open to freelancers, newbies established influencers anyone who is interested and has the potential.

Now, Humlaa is not just an influencer agency but has broadened its working. They are now also offering their services as a music label under the banner Humlaa Music. 

Under this banner they aim to bring new faces, talent and people who will come and showcase their skills to the world, the best thing about Humlaa music is that they will not just give them opportunities but will also release, mentor, guide and invest in them financially. This will motivate them and boost their confidence. They say, “We will feature India’s renowned and best talented people in our music videos, such as lyricists, singers, actors, models etc.”

Another initiative that is created by Humlaa Network is Humlaa Films. Humlaa Films is responsible for casting, film and music production and distribution. Humlaa is all set to launch its own OTT Flat and a short video sharing platform that will help influencers earn.

With the establishment of independent music and film company for new talents and help them get audience. Humlaa is a platform that focus on their influencer’s profits and their growth. They are dedicated towards it and their team of experienced professional are always ready to aid influencers in their journey of influencing.

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