How is a 20-year-old boy giving an opportunity to students to earn 30-40k per month??

Nowadays, starting a business is not a big thing. There are many opportunities in the market but according to SHOAIB, “finding the best opportunity for you from 100 other opportunities is the bigger challenge.”

Shoaib’s vision is to help those who are finding the best opportunity for themselves. Shoaib said affiliate marketing is the best business opportunity for every student of youngsters because it can be scalable & you don’t need to create your own product. 

SHOAIB realised that & started an affiliate marketing business one month ago & in recording breaking 28 days, he earned 1 lakh rupees, which is the fastest time to earn six figures in the history of affiliate marketing.

Shoaib said you need to have two things to succeed in affiliate marketing.

1st thing is good mentorship because even if you are outstanding in your skills but don’t have mentorship, you will fail because of lack of guidance. Shoaib, himself, is mentoring 100+ students & his mentees are also earning good money because of his mentorship.

2nd is a system because people fail, but the system doesn’t. If you have a sound system to run your business, then you will get good results. Shoaib gives credit to his & his students’ success with a sound system.

Shoaib also told some funny stories about his students. One of his current students asked him for no investment business ideas. Shoaib replied that he is also looking for the same idea for the last year but didn’t find it. According to him, if you want to start a business, you have to spend some money on your skill development & business. Only then you will be able to achieve success in your business. 

Without investing in your self & business, you will never succeed in your business, but yes, maybe you will get a 10k / month job. 

Shoaib also guides youngsters through his Instagram. He uploads very informative content on his Instagram to provide his knowledge to his team members & his followers.

Shoaib has a 5500+ community on Instagram, where he motivates his followers through his content.

His students are earning 30-40 thousand a month. He provided this opportunity to those students who cannot start their business and have no idea about the business. SHOAIB is very proud that not only he is earning good money & supporting his family, but his students & team members are earning good money.

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