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Launched in 2021, is a brand under the name of VR Solutions is focusing on eco-friendly home décor products. Being a Bootstrapped company, has reached out to our vendors by helping them list their works online without any fee and selling to our customers at a very competitive price compared to other markets places. offers a unique selection of products that reflect the cultural traditions and lifestyle of India. Since we started operations in 2021, we have built a special relationship with customers. As we curate products from manufacturers who use traditional techniques, skills, and hand-based processes, we give back by offering profits to support the culture that inspires us while preserving its traditions in the process. opens the door to countless untold stories behind every handicraft you buy, which are purely handmade, authentic, and curated with love by talented artisans and our in-house experts. All of our products are innovated to suit modern-day living while celebrating the elegance & beauty of their legacy.

Problems faced by sellers

 1. Branding of products

 2. Price Sensitive

 3. The marketplace

 4. Shipping

Solutions by 

1. Branding of Products: helps in listing and branding products without any charges with a dedicated team.

2. Price Sensitive: is helping the manufacturers by getting the right price with the right customers.

3. The marketplace: Whether it may be retail or bulk products, we have a dedicated team who confirms the orders received and helps the sellers while procuring the products.

4. Packing and Shipping: We have helped our sellers by picking the products from remote areas without asking for any fee and getting the products transited to far-off cities.

Foot Steps of 

  • Jan 2021: Listed 100 products under three categories 
  • March 2021: 1,500 products with five different categories
  • May 2021: Reached 5,000 products with added new categories 
  • Aug 2021: Reached 8,000 Products
  • Oct the same year, we had live products 16,000 with 30,000 unique visitors
  • By 30th Dec 2021 went live with 50,000 unique visitors with returning customers.

The ArtyCraftz Advantage

  1. Free Listing: Team from ArtyCraftz get the items virtually via their digital channels such as WhatsApp and Email with all product details and list the items for free of cost. There are no charges for listing the items on the platform. After completely listing over the seller/vendor’s items, the listed item’s URL links will be shared with them for confirmation and through the links. It is easy to find and update the products efficiently to the vendor in the future.
  2. Free Promotion: markets their seller/vendor items for free of cost. We do not charge anything extra for any marketing and promotional activities. The dedicated marketing team will handle themselves without receiving any money from the sellers.
  3. Dedicated Support Team: With the dedicated support for both customers and vendors, and used to sort the problems immediately without any delay. The team also provides support to customers to choose the best and most suitable products for their budget and provides products management support to vendors on how to increase sales.

Future Plans: Metaverse Shopping, Easy One-click and shop over WhatsApp, call to order, Opening physical outlets.

CEO of this online marketplace – Venkatesh Armugam, as said, “ArtyCraftz offers a platform to customers to curate and shop their desired items through its online web portal ( ArtyCraftz currently has more than 500 sellers, including individuals, small & medium, listed over 27,000 items and we are about to reach 30,000+ items in the coming days. And we have tied up with a few corporates also for bulk orders”.

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