Green Beauty Revolution taking over India – The Good Karma Co

Today, the cosmetics industry in India is expected to reach $20 billion by 2025, up from $7 billion currently. It is also estimated that India will be the highest contributor to the cosmetics industry by the year 2025, with a whopping 5% market share. And Green Beauty trends are continuously on the rise.

The Good Karma Co – Green & Clean Beauty Brand

“Green and Clean beauty mean that a product is safe, non-toxic, and has transparent labelling of ingredients. Clean Beauty is defined by products that are mindfully created without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients, with customer’s health and the environment in mind,” quips Radhika Dang Gambhir, founder and CEO of the Good Karma Co, a premium manufacturer of eco- friendly skincare and body care.

Being a front runner in the Green Beauty space, as elucidated by the founder, this company is creating sustainable, result-driven, clean and green beauty solutions for the Indian market. The brand has an in-house brand – Wildflower Naturals, and also manufactures products for a plethora of leading natural brands in the country like Conscious Chemist, Saniolla Naturals, Komb, Wellness Shop and many more.

Current trends in the Skincare Industry

“Today’s consumer has changed. There is a more evolved breed that’s looking for sustainable, long-term beauty and personal care solutions with non-toxic ingredients. They are willing to spend as much as a quarter of their income on looking and more importantly feeling great.” says Radhika.

Did you know an average person lathers and slathers more than 150 toxic chemicals every day? There are a plethora of indigenous brands which are bringing about a paradigm shift and revolutionizing the Green Beauty space. Most of these brands are initiating the dialogue of being natural, sulphate-free,

Paraben-free, vegan, free from carcinogenic ingredients and animal cruelty- free. This clean beauty space is flooding with new brands coming in every day to cater to the growing and changing demands of the country.

Gen Z makes up around 27 per cent of the entire population of India, thus becoming the largest age group with maximum spending power. As far as the personal care and cosmetics domain is concerned, they actively seek beauty brands and products with a strong purpose and identity.

“With so many brands mushrooming, it’s important to stay ahead of the green beauty trends. We are constantly at the innovative edge of tapping into new and emerging beauty trends and creating products with nouveau ingredients such as collagen peptides, natural amino acids, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, AHA-BHA and more,” quips Radhika.

Path to Finding the Right Brand

Akanksha Raina, a skincare junkie and lifestyle connoisseur adds, “An obsession with wellness and detoxification, both in terms of diet and products, is fuelling demand for stripped-back, “clean and green” ingredients. Both millennials and gen z are becoming more curious about non-toxic beauty and eliminating as many mystery ingredients as possible.”

It’s important to study the labels and take a deep dive into a brand’s journey to find the right brand for you. It’s imperative to find what works for you, as “one size does not fit all”. A product must not just make you “look good” but also help you “feel good” from the inside. Thus, numerous brands talk about well- being as opposed to the myopic idea of looking beautiful.

“Farm to Face” as a concept is being celebrated widely in the country today. Radhika, the founder of Good Karma Co. feels it is the way forward. ‘Moving towards sustainability, creating and living in harmony with nature and consuming consciously is going to take brands a long way ahead,’ she adds.

What makes the Good Karma Co special?

With a plethora of brands coming up in the market with similar ethos of sustainability, clean ingredients, result-driven cruelty free formulations, it’s important to choose the right manufacturer for a brand.

The Good Karma Co is a manufacturer in Gurgaon, Haryana that specializes in natural skincare and hair care. They have over 500 FDA approved formulations and are making products for domestic as well international brands. It has it’s in- house R&D team and formulation expertise and believes in following the philosophy of “Farm to Face” widely. Furthermore, all the brand’s products go through stringent quality checks to ensure the output is of the highest grade.

With the Green Beauty Revolution emerging in a big way in our country, manufacturers are pushing the envelope for well-being and creating new green beauty trends while consistently serving people and popular brands. It’s safe to say the beauty landscape will have a different face in the next few years. With transparency in labelling, the omission of toxic chemicals, and a big focus on personal well-being, clean beauty brands are here to stay and win people’s hearts in our country.

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